Ready for New Cycle - Test/Deca/Mast/Dbol (Pics Included)

I would say that FFMI (at same lean-ness) would do pretty well for this metric.

A real challenge. Adding 5lbs of muscle on each thigh on a person 6’4” would look like almost nothing, but on a person 5’6” it would appear a massive gain. Volume is a cubic function relative to thigh visual width.


You are not super short. I have a buddy that is 5’2", and he looks yolked when about 160. I’d have to be the same leanness and 230 I think to match proportions at 5’10". Although, I’d look worse haha, as he is very wide for his height, and has like 16" arms at 5’2".

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Not a lot to say that hasn’t already been said except:

I have no problem running 19-Nors at double my test dose, though I could certainly be the outlier.

My last 2 cycles were 350/600 testc/NPP and 400/800 testc/deca. No issues with either personally. I’ve also run it at 1:1 and 2:1 test/nand. I don’t have any issues with any of them.

Ok, well he is definitely super short. That would be tough on a guy. A lean 160lbs must look huge at 5’2”.

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Interesting thread on its own. I think you are going to need some serious nonlinear correction in addition to the typically mentioned FFMI(adj) which is height adjusted. Bodybuilders over 6’2":

If height <= 6’2" Then
_____MsgBox “Proceed”
_____MsgBox “Find another hobby”
End If

“Similarly, a sample of 20 Mr. America winners from the presteroid era (1939-1959)”

IMO, since CIBA developed Dianabol in 1955, especially for the years 1958 and 1959, I’d feel more confident that those years be dropped from the calculations.

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And i can run close to a gram of tren with bp as low as 117… And then there are people who are on low end of trt getting sides worse than most big guys get on grams of stuff. I think there just are people who can do steroids and those who cant.


It has been that way for as long as I can remember.


One thing I’ve noticed is that those that get a lot of negatives, seem to get a lot of positives as well. Perhaps their dose response is really good? Meaning for them 500 mg/wk is giving an effect like 1000 mg/wk for someone like me.

My buddy is on his first run with 350 mg/wk, and looks like the Michelin Man. If I was betting, his TT and FT are at levels that would require 6-700 mg for me to achieve.

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One of the more interesting appeals to authority I have seen. Dr Terry sounds very confident :slight_smile:.

Sometimes. Those who die, definitely look better also when on gear. But guys from trt section seem to sometimes get only sides and no goodies :smiley:


Still holding up pretty well after all these years:

Rule #8 is the rub. Unforfunately, intellect doesn’t do much to improve one’s physique.


I think #7 gets forgotten way too much.
Nowdays people act like if you take tren your heart explodes or you go crazy in 6 months, haha.

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There does need to be a Rule #9 though…

Don’t say later we didn’t try to warn you. See Rule #8.

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Honestly, i dont think i have ever seen anyone complaining anywhere about that.

Some that come to mind:

  • Tons of anecdotes on the forums. It is all good till you have that near miss. Some have a direct hit.
  • Persons I have spoken with. Multiple heart attack and stroke victims. One dude’s blood was so thick they could not phlebotomize him at the ER.
  • The Mike Matarazzo video I have posted on here multiple times.
  • Top Olympia competitor who is known for only going “on” a few months per year for the one contest in the 90s. He didn’t shrink down by choice 8 months out of the year. Personally told me he could not breath contest time (his really important muscles responded a little too well). Scared the living hell out of him.

Yes, you are correct, we don’t have the proper control for any of the above experiments to block for cumulative AAS use. Nevertheless, note well.

Yeah, thats basically like 1% of total users.
Its like some brain trauma cases in fight sports. 99% of people who do it, never suffer serious injuries, even tho 1-2 people have actually died in a ring.
Thats why i said that #7 gets forgotten. People read these 3 horror examples and think that smelling dbol will make their heart stop. But the #7 is true - MOST PEOPLE will never have issues.

p.s - looking at the Matarazzo vid. He is talking about artery blockages. Most people who have em, have never taken any steroids btw.

Good point. I don’t have much experience being like most people. Cursed.

Important detail is how much an individual is like most people.

P.S.: Let’s agree on keeping Rules 7 and 8 in there :slight_smile:

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You work real hard to make people scared.

The only thing that would matter actually is an actual statistics of what percentage of steroid users die too early, because of steroid use. There are data on smokers and alcohol users. None on this. We are looking at few, very sad cases. But these cases exist in every field on the planet.