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Ready For First Cycle?


I have been contemplating this decision for a while now. Let me start by giving my stats. I am 20 years old, 5'7 and about 158lbs at roughly 10% BF. Current Bench 270, Squat 345, Deadlift 470. I have been lifting weights since about a senior in highschool however, I didnt truly understand how to properly diet and properly lift until about 2 years ago.

I log all of my calories/macros every day aswell as track every one of my lifts for over the past year. So my question is do you think I am ready to start my first cycle of Test. I have aspirtations to compete in mens physique which i have the genetics for (Pure mesomorph). Any opinion would be greatly valued on whether i am ready/ how i should go about executing my first cycle if I am.


That's the wrong question, perhaps read the newbie sticky. If you want my opinion is say if you were pure mesomorph you wouldn't need a cycle to break into physique. Max out your natural potential first. Just my opinion without knowing what your development is like thus far.


I literally laughed out loud at 'pure mesomorph'. Get real dude. You weigh 160 lbs, and your lifts are garbage, aside from the deadlift which is just kind of ok. You don't need steroids. You need a reality check.


You need to study and understand details of PCT. Most of what you will find is total crap.


If you're progressing well don't jump on. Train a couple more years naturally and reassess then. You should be able to hit 185 naturally.

I don't agree with what has been said about your lifts above. If those are indeed your strength lifts after 2 years of serious training your strength levels are above average


In that context they're fine, but from a more absolute perspective, they aren't. And the absolute perspective is far more relevant IMO.

And you can't possibly believe his self-description as a pure mesomorph is accurate, can you? This would imply being quite a bit stronger, at least in my mind.


When he said mesomorph I think he was referring to the non-controllable factors in bodybuilding - wide shoulder girdle, narrow waste, full muscle bellies etc.

He DEFINITELY should be heavier. I wonder if he's eating enough to grow.