Ready for Fat-Loss Supps?

Hi, Beginner here with a question about taking Fat Loss pills. Started eat clean and weight training for the first time in Jan. of this year. I feel my diet is in check, and I am doing TBT 3 days a week with HIIT cardio in between. My current goal is to lose bf, not sure of my percentage but I am 5-6 168, down from 193.

Am I ready for someting like HOT-ROX, or should I just keep what I am doing and wait until my bf gets lower?


Sounds like you are doing things right. And it’s been a good six months of training/eating right, so you could add HOT-ROX to your plan if getting leaner is your immediate goal. Also, it may help preserve muscle mass in the meantime.

Or, since you are still a beginner, you could let the training/nutrition work itself a little longer to see what you can do without supplements.

You could go either way!