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Reading T-Mag Too Long?


Well I was checking out some gear and I looked over to a drum filled with sand that they use to clear weapons in and it got the old gears rolling. This is conversation that followed:

Me: "Is that filled with sand?"
Armourer: "Yup"
Me: "How much does that weigh?"
Armourer: "A whole hell of a lot."
Me: "Hmmm"-I secretly pondered if I could pick it up and carry it. I thought I could grab it and play with it at night or on the weekend.

My question is, Has anyone else seen something big and heavy and that it would make a good training tool?


All the time.


Last weekend was visiting some friends. So brought the kettlebell and glanced over and saw the back hitch from a Uhaul truck. Starting swinging and pressing it to work the grip like a clubbell. That and seeing a little groove on the wall, then looking at the kitchen table and sink countertop. Started to swing and catch my toes on that groove up on the wall.



that's not from reading too much T-mag, I don't think that's possible. It's becuase you are striving to become a "T-MAN".

All T-Mag readers look at heavy shit around the job or their house and wonder how they could use it for training. But the difference between T-readers and T-Men, is that the T-Men actually LIFT IT.

Now go do a set of 5 and tell us how it feels!