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Reading Material


Hi all
Hope this is the right place to post this.

I have done a lot of reading about training, anatomy and many other things over the years, recently I read brad schoenfelds new book about the science of hypertrophy which was great.

Also I enjoy reading about neuromuscular control/activation and the relationship the core has with mobility, and techniques to improve these things.

Can anyone recommend me any further reading material?
About what I have mentioned or things similar that I may like?

Thanks very much.


Ultimate back strength and fitness

By stuart mcgill.

Im half way though and it’s a great book. I bulged a disc so I figured I’d learn more about the back.


Thanks for the comment.
I have actually been told to read Stuart mcgills work recently but didn’t know where to start!
What does the book cover?


It basically talks about what the back and is not meant to do. It talks about the functionality of the back from an athletic standpoint. It dispells some myths and provides data/citations to back ot up.

It lays a foundation of understanding all of this and then eventually disucsses how to train for an athletic back.


Supertraining by Veroshansky and Siff is the daddy if haven’ read that already (exoensive tho)

Triphasic training seems to be the hot book of recent years