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Reading is Fun and Mental

Heya T-Geeks. I picked up “Chemical Pink” by Katie Arnoldi yesterday and polished the novel off in about 3 1/2 hours. I highly, oh-so-extremely highly reccomend this read to my fellow forumites. “Chemical Pink” is a hilarious and harrowing tale of competative female bodybuilding. Arnoldi’s characters are fresh and disturbing, a lemony-dewness rubbed in an open sore. The story focuses on Aurora Johnson, a Georgia-hailing bodybuilder who come to California in attempt to compete. She becomes the object of infactuation and obsession of one Charles Worthington, a rich and increasingly sadistic “sponsor” of female competitors. Disturbing enough to hold your full attention the whole way through. Other MBE suggested titles: “The Rules of Attracton” , “The Informers”, and “Glamorama” by Brett Easton Ellis, “Choke” by Chuck Palahniuk, and my personal favorite, “Bear v. Shark” by Chris Bachelder. Lata.

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I read Chemical Pink on the way to Thailand. Will review it in the next “Stuff We Like”.

Interesting note: She said she consulted with some steroid gurus to write the book. She doesn’t mention Duchaine, yet half the book sounds like a fictionalized version of an old Duchaine rant (remember the fish oil farts stories back in the MM2k days?) Side note: Duchaine’s rants were classic, sick, and funny, but without TC’s editing would have made no sense and wouldn’t have been half as funny. (Didn’t realize how important an editor’s job was until I became one. TC seldom gets the credit he deserves; basically, he was MM2k.)

Note II: Rumors are Chuck Palahniuk is writing a screenplay for Chemical Pink and the director of Fight Club may take on the project. Haven’t heard anything lately though.

The question is, is Hollywood making a film about pro-bodybuilding a good thing or a bad thing?

Just ordered Bear v Shark from Amazon. Thanks for the tip.

I’m trying to read the Wealth of Nations by Adan Smith, but it’s kinda hard. I’m also reading the collected essays, journalism & letters of George Orwell.

Those are some serious books. And I thought you were stupid. My mistake.

Well, it’s (Chuck’s screenplay, Fincher directing), on Chuck’s official website. But according to my entertainment “sources” - it’s not written in black - yet. I think Fincher’s got a couple of other projects in line first before he could commit to this.

You’re welcome Chris. B v. S is incredibly humorous with a keg-and-a-half worth of cynacism concerning pop culture and material obsession. The Thailand piece was excellent, by the way, I look forward to part III. Did you bring back any…souvinirs? Lata.

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I just finished Frankenstein in a course at school, I liked that too.

Eric – Thanks for the Thailand props. Glad you liked the articles. Part III is more straightforward reporting, but should be pretty interesting.

I brought back a couple of souvenirs. One is giving me a pedicure and the other is feeding me grapes as I type this.

Just kidding, all you hall monitors of morality.

If you’re referring to souvenirs that make you grow muscle real real fast, you’ll find out Friday. Yes, I’m being a cocktease of the written word.

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A really good, T-related book that I just recently finished was “Inside Delta Force” by Eric Haney. Quite engrossing.

I just started reding “Inside Delta Force”. The Black Hawk Down book is really good too.

Golly, Chris bogarted my tag-line gimmick, should I be: a) Flattered and humbled b) Angered and filled with Androsol-laiden rage c) All suave and chill about the entire ordeal or d) Realize that by doing so he so cooly evaded the entire point of said tag. Decisions, Decisions…

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If you choose “B” I will be forced to go all Marky Mark on your simian butt right in front of Helena Bonham Carter, who, by the way, likes me better.

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“Anatomy of Desire” by Simon Andreae is a brilliant book looking at the history of sex, love and marriage and the pyschology behind them. Amazing some of the stuff in there, some of the methods used by the Churches to control people and society. The concept of a Virgin Mary and immaculte conception didn’t come in until 400 AD as Sex and Women were seriously frowned upon at that stage. So much for the Bible!

I second "Glamorama" as a great book, brilliant writing. Also "Trainspotting" by Irvine Welsh, if you can make out the dialect. And of course "Catch 22"

Damn you Christopher “Shugsy” Shugart! Besides, Helena so does not like you better, she was just coming on to you so she could get an extra Testosterone baby-doll Tee. Furthermore, aren’t I entitled to royalties as a result of using the official MBE tag gimmick? For shame, Shugs. You’re supposed to be setting an example of T-dom, and this is what we get. Go back to your room in Thailand and think about what (or whom)you’ve done.

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That’s it. I’m going to send the entire Gang O Babes gang to shave you down and take away your bananas, Mr. Dead People Psychologist.

Chris, you’re always on top of the cool books out there. So what are you reading now?

Paul- “The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things” by JT Leroy. Messed up book. Messed up writer. Or at least that’s the image he/she is trying to project.

And Eric, I plead uncle. But only because I have to help get the next paper mag ready and TC keeps yellin’ at me to stop playing with “that damn monkey.” I think he means you. Maybe not.

Chris is currently reading my post and gnawing away at his GROW-dusted knuckles as he attempts to go round for round in our little impromptu posting match here. And Chris, they weren’t dead until you read all those FLEX articles to them in a hight squeaky voice. Nevermind your sordid storytelling approach with the “look no hands” puppet curiously named “Willy Johnson the magic Banana.” Now look at the mess you’ve made. Honestly. In closing, the Gang 'O Babes idea is…is…is not all that undesirable. Lata.

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Glamorama was a good book, not in the same league as the seminal American Psycho. Invisibble Monsters is great by Chuck P, Less Than Zero is also a good first book by Bret E Ellis that I am just finishing.

I wonder how Chemical Pink will turn out on the big screen - Meatloaf’s depiction of a “juicer” was not entirely fair - though funny!