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I have seen this addressed to a small degree in other posts but never as a post in and of itself. What are your favourite books on training, and why. I would just like to say leave out Get Buffed. everyone has already said that they like it. Some of my favourites are the following,
-Supertraining (mel siff): one of the most therough books on strength and conditioning I have ever read. hightly recomended.
-Periodization (Tudor Bumpa): No bullshit book bassed on lots of research and proven methods. again everyone should have this as a refence.
-A system of multi year training in weightlifting (or anything else from sportyvny press): These books offer insight into some the organization of training in the long term like no one else has done on such a large scale. The USSR really had their shit together for sports development. real eye openers.
Encyclopedia of weightlifting (Dreschler): this is a good book for anyone interested in learning more about weightlifting. It covers many different topic but nothing in depth. Sort of a jack of all trades master of non sort of book. the only thing I didn’t like is that Dreschler is a bit of a Weightlifting Nazi. Anyway these are of few of mine. What do you guys like?

the Charles Staley book released this summer is a must have. It is a great book to gahter information on training. Charles really did it this time, this book is a must have.

Scott H. Mendelson

by the way the book written by Staley is not limited to Martial Arts Training. it is a well rounded text, which hits all of the points many people ponder.

“Supertraining” by Siff and Verkhoshansky. A little complex, but a good read.

Good post…My bodybuilding library is a bit shallow, but Serious Strength Training by Bompa is good, Periodization by Bompa is a must-have for strength coaches, Poliquin Principles by Da Coach is probably my favorite–it combines awesome info with unmatched wit and humor. I’m looking forward to the new Poliquin book. There’s also several others that I am looking to purchase/read. Currently I’m more into the scientific studies and textbooks though.

Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler… I know they are not books par se, but they do help me in my workouts by increasing my testosterone level.
Ron Jeremy

Optimum Sports Nutrition by Dr. Michael Colgan.
Great nutrition info in this one.

I think Stuart McRoberts’ “Beyond Brawn” is a must-have for all beginning and intermediate weightlifters. Although the book does have some flaws – e.g., an annoying tendency to preach against performance-enhancing drugs – it does a good job of pointing out the fundamentals of weight training and dieting (something I definitely think 95% of the people I’ve seen lift could use).

If you want textbook style books, the following are great:

  1. Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky
  2. How To Write Strength Training Programs by King
  3. Fitness and Strength Training For All Sports

tan, I have those books except for the Ian king one you mentioned, I have been hesitant to buy this one as I was unsure as to the amount of overlap with get buffed. I agree, the other two books you mentioned are good ones.
Thanks for the input everone, this is what I was looking for, this will help me (and others hopefully) pick more books to buy.

I second the recommendation for “How to Write Strength Training Programs” by King. It’s very good and has some overlap with Get Buffed, but is worth having.

The newest addition to my collection is Matt Furey’s “Combat Conditioning.” I highly recommend this one if you want to be strong, flexible and functional! The exercises rely on bodyweight. They are unique and some are very tough. I also like Charles Staley’s book “Strength Training for Martial Artists.”

Poliquin’s new book “Modern Trends in Strength Training” is also good. And don’t forget Charlie Francis’ book “Training for Speed.”

Nate, did you also get Matt Furey’s book Combat Abs? It is any good? I’ve been reading Dinosaur Training for the past 2 days and it was one of the best buys that i had ever made. For a simple nuts and bolts program, I found Super Squats by Randall Strossen to be a good read. A nice change from the complicated workouts i’ve been doing so far. Just started doing 20 rep breathing squats last week…would never have believed that one set could make me puke!!!

Tan, I have not gotten “Combat Abs” but I may give it a go in the future. I also have a subscription to Milo. That is a cool little Strength Journal. Between that, T-mag, and my new Combat Conditioning book, I get training ideas and routines from all angles!

Arnold’s book is a great place to start. Even if you don’t wanna do that many sets and reps, he explains all of the nuts and bolta about the iron game. Theres also some good stuff in the testosterone archives for begenners.