Reader Mail

I think T-mag should warn us before they post a photo of Nicole Bass. See Reader Mail this week. First they show a picture of a nice looking girl, then BAM! they hit us with Mr. Bass. Scared me to death! :slight_smile:

Seriously, that is some messed up shit. Why would a woman do that to herself? That stuff about ‘lift and carry’ sessions was even scarier.

Contrasts get the point thru even better. In a way, I appreciate the good stuff even more when I have seen the exact opposite (not that I’d want second servings of freaks - one view is enought.

Did psychologists or psychiatrists start Freak studies? With all this freedom, it seems the freak population is getting bigger every year.

What’s next? Freak-rights activists?

Anyone else think its Dorian Yates with makeup and hair extensions?

 These are people going through identity crisis. 

 Boy oh boy I would hate to be them when the bubble bursts and they realize it was just a phase... prolly never gonna happen though, although I'd love to see Mr. Bass, and Mrs. Jackson wake up one day and say 'Oh shit!!! what the fuck have I done!!! Im a goddamn freak, and people laugh AT me, not WITH me!!!'

 That would be SO sweet. Id pay top dollar to watch it with some popcorn. LOL.

Diesel: Look for reality-shows of has-been’s (if the trend persists) in a couple of years. Maybe you’ll get your wish! They did one with Corey Feldman, Motley Crue’s singer, and a couple of once-popular actors. Since this is a niche, maybe you’ll only find this on an Internet broadcast (because of costs and demand). Who knows?