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Take a visit to your local animal shelter or dog pound if should aleviate any lingering guilt you feel about nuetering your dog. I live in Los Angeles where they euthanize over 250,000 dogs annually. Your dog will benefit far more by paying attention to his nutrition (as your prescence on this site would indicate you do for yours), i.e hormone free, steriod free, human grade meat based food that doesn’t contain meat by-products, and that doesn’t use corn or wheat as filler, enzyme therapy, proper vitamins, glucosamine (huge for dog health) supplementation, and regular vet care than he will from his balls.

Savannah, that’s easy for you to say. You don’t have balls. Our dog is from the pound, and his friends make fun of him constantly for having a plain where his scrotum should be. He grooms it constantly in a vain attempt to grow a new pair, but so far no luck. None of the bitches will date him, he’s a runt, and he’s always trying to shoot blanks.

Think about what you will be doing to his social life before you cut.

yeah mine suffers the same fate, however, I wouldn’t have been able to take him home from the pound w/o having them lopped. He assures me though, that it was a small price to pay to not have his flea and tick infested, mangy, matted ass gassed.

I hope that was a joke. Who cares about your dogs social life. By neutering your dog you prevent the death of innocent dogs.

You must not know shit about dogs. A well socialized, healthy dog shouldn’t need their balls removed. For bitches, yes, the mess is almost unbareable and you don’t want to turn your head at the dog park and wind up with some fucked up mix. However neutering your male will not give you a better dog. And if your dog can’t get along without balls then that dog needn’t live. My two male Rotties have a very good disposition with other dogs, dominate yes, but they just want to play, they don’t harm eachother or anyone else, and they have their balls. My bitches are fixed. There are less hormone interuptions when you fix a female. That is why I am for fixing only females. They are fucking animals put here to serve us. It is our duty to make sure mentally unstable dogs get euthanized. It is not cruel it is common sense. I am not sure I understand that nutrition argument you are making. My dogs eat meat when I am done with it every day, they also take my chewable glucosamine. So if I eat healthy like that I guess I have no need for the testosterone that my nuts produce. Whatever guy.

First of all Jackass,learn how to read. What I said was that in order to adopt a dog from a shelter you don’t have a choice about getting them neutered. Second of all, the point of getting a dog nuetered isn’t so that YOUR other dogs don’t get knocked up, it’s so that your un-nuetered dog doesn’t knock up the unspayed female owned by the only idiot with an IQ lower than yours. If you did know anything about dogs you would know that cooked meat is not good for them so feeding your table scraps is not doing them any favors, unless of course you eat your meat raw, which upon further consideration,is likely not outside the of realm of possibility. Lastly, Dude, I’m not a dude.

I would love to jump into this, but Savannah has done a good job of explaining why neutering is a must. To D-end: your a fucking moron and a perfect example of someone who has no business having a dog. “Dogs were put here to serve humans”? Dogs were not put here you retard. They are a man made invention. All dogs are descendents of canus lupis, genetically manipulated by man. The fact that over a million per year are euthenized throughout North America, shows how man is incapable of being responsible for what it has created. The truth of the matter is, while you think your rotties were put here to serve you, they are far more noble creatures than you could ever aspire to be. Be a man, be responsible and get your dogs neutered. Unless you are an acredited breeder, you have no business having an intact dog.

Re: Savannah’s comment to D_END:

Woo, OUCH! (Sorry bro, but she got you good.) And may I say, frickin’ hilarious. Funny, funny, funny, and it made your point as well.

Welcome to the Forum, lady.

Magnus. My Rotties are Shutzhund level III. That means if they are legally “able” to perceive a threat and legally “able” to neutralize that threat. Before this argument get ugly. What I meant was that dogs without balls have much better chances of being screwed up than a dog with balls. That being said…You are talking about Pound dogs. I don’t think that pound dogs are a good idea for someone who plans on having a family dog or a social dog. If you plan on it living a mostly alone life with one or two owners fine, but YES I think the other dogs shoud be euthanized. It is sad but it is those pound puppies that you just can’t trust. You have no idea what the previous owner did or did not do to that dog. I have had good pound dogs in my life so save that argument. It is the gamble that I don’t like. Mostly because I like huge dogs and I depend on them to be Badass. I don’t really see to much of a problem with adopting a dachsund or something but I still wouldn’t have a baby around it or anything. Lastly, you saved yourself on the meat thing. We are all dog lovers and I don’t want to call any dog owners anything bad, I just disagree with you on that one point.

Hey, D-End, you’re waving your dick around and there’s not much to see. It’s great that you’ve gone to level III training, but that just proves your dogs are smarter than you are. Having an un-neutered dog is irresponsible. When YOUR dog gets out and meets up with a stray or a dog owned by another idiot YOU are responsible for the puppies that most likely will end up in a shelter.

I find it pathetic when a man is so insecure in his 'manhood' that he transfers it to his dog.

Pound dogs are not just wasted lives, some of them are awesome animals. Nothing about being in a pound makes them worthless. Yes, they have had a previous owner, but that just means you have to learn about them before you let them be unsupervised.

I'm glad you have enough money in your life to purchase pure bred dogs. Not everyone does. I presonally refuse to buy a dog when there are millions in shelters who need a chance for a good life.

This thread was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. D_end, your spelling needs a large amount of attention. However, the rest of you, don’t dismiss all of his argument.
I agree with the fact that the rate of euthanization is a national tragedy. Nothing is more heart-wrenching than walking through the pound. I have a pound puppy. I am proud that I have her.
There is another aspect that hasn’t been mentioned on this forum. Some of the impulses to neuter, may not be as altruistic as is commmonly assumed. Allow me a personal story here. My other dog is pure-bred. I went through the normal “high-end” breeders before finding him. They repeatedly told me that I needed to have a male dog neutered “for his health.” They repeatedly told me that “back door breeders” are harmful to the health of the population. This was just code for, “I want you to neuter your dog so that I can continue to have a monopoly on the breeding business.” I told them to stick it up their ass. I went to a “backdoor breeder” and found the best dog that I have ever had. He is the most well-adjusted, kind, and intelligent dog that I know. My family owned a dog from a “true breeder.” He was a wonderful dog. However, he had a few defects in character and behavior that I am sure resulted from a genetic bottleneck. Pure-bred dogs can be overbred and lack of genetic diversity is a real problem. Remember, if you are going to purchase a “pure-bred” dog, a “back-door breeder” may be the way to go.
Finally, the idea of castration makes me wince. It has nothing to do with being insecure. No more crap about that please. Dogs are man’s best friend, and it is natural that we relate to them. Next time you dismiss a male’s unwillingness to neuter his male dogs as a form of insecurity, please imagine having to remove the clitoris from a female dog. The correlation is direct and should make YOU wince. If a dog owner is responsible, he/she does not necessarily need to remove the animal’s sex organs. Example: My male dog is fenced and has not impregnated any other female. Yes, I know for sure. Yes, I am responsible. Yes, I screen the animals that he has access to.

Breeders are not the only option if having a purebred is important. There are breed rescues for every breed you can think of. Most allow you to adopt free of charge or for a nominal donation, either way far cheaper than a breeder. Most will go to great length to have their dogs adopted, including transporting cross country, and most are able to locate puppies.

Do female dogs have a clitoris? In any event removal would be moot since it wouldn’t affect your female dog’s ability to breed.

Dog’s should never roam the street without their owner, therefore having their ‘nutzz’ cut off isnt necessary.
Oh and BTW dogs arent on Earth to serve us, there’s no proof mixed breeds are more unpredictable then pure breeds, and to the lame penis envying person out there: I wouldn’t cut ANY functional organ off my pet. Its called compassion. For both people and animals. Thats why my dogs have never left my site in 20 years. No one gets bitten,ran over, fucked, killed. Everyone is happy.

You are quite perceptive. You must have four-pointed Obvious 101.

Check this out:


I do not know whether dogs have a clitoris. That is beside the point and you know it. I wanted to make a direct correlation so that you could understand where males are coming from. It’s easy to criticise. Think about what I said.

Give me a break. Steralizing your dog does not ‘decrease his manhood’ any more than getting a vasectomy makes a man into a woman. They now can neuter dogs by leaving their testicles intact and severing the vas deferens… just like they do with human males.

Is a sterile man less of a man? What about a man who loses his testicules or testicular function due to accident or illness? They are still men, they identify their gender past their nuts. You are identifying your maleness through your dogs nuts.... shounds pretty screwey to me.

No, I will not drop the subject of relating your masculinity to your dogs nuts. It's a crock. You are directly relating YOUR sex drive and 'manliness' to your male dog. Unlike humans, animals breed for procreation, not for 'fun'. When you 'fix' your dog you do nothing except for be 150% sure that it will not be able to breed and create unwanted puppies. I had no problem having my female dog spayed, I knew I didn't want her to have puppies. I was removing her reproductive capability, not making her less of a female. I can still reproduce, and I don't feel guilty about it.

Every breed on earth has a rescue group associated with it. Do a search on the web. These groups will do almost anything to get your dog to you. I am involved with transport and have moved a few dogs from shelters... animals from Tenesee going to Canada, Ohio to Maine, New York City to SEATTLE.

If you must have a pure bred you can find one, often with papers. The humane society here had an English Bull Dog, with papers, last year. He was 13 months old and his mother was a champion show dog. No, this is not common, but it does happen.

Your major fault is that you INSIST that anyone who disagrees with your point is stuck on associating their manliness with that of their dog’s functional testicles. This is despite the fact that I agree with your statement that ," Steralizing your dog does not ‘decrease his manhood’ any more than getting a vasectomy makes a man into a woman". It just goes to show that when people are very passionate about a subject and absolutely want to change other’s mind on a subject they forget to listen to other valid opinions. In the bodybuilding community its refered to as having a bad case of “Mentzers”.

I hereby give you a break. I am glad I am not your poor dog. Either way, nuts are good. Nuts stay. Cheers.