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I’m very impressed that Biotest and T-mag have hired lobbyist to battle the andro ban in Washington. That ain’t cheap. Just wanted to say thanks to Tim and TC.

Also, great letter from Baby Faced Assasin. Go read it if you haven’t!

Last one, anyone know what Vibe magazine said about T-mag or in what context it was mentioned? Is that in the current issue?

I saw the SI article, but I’m curious about the Vibe thing too. Anyone?

for all of you who are greatful for t-mags efforts in the androl battle, do your part and buy their products! Not only are you getting 100% quality, you are supporting a company who fights for you! For me personally Biotest products are costly because i am in canada, but their latest actions have given one more reason to look past saving a bit of $$ and excpeting a lessor product!

thank you biotest

I looked in the new issue but didn’t find anything. But it had Justin Timberlake on the cover shirtless so I didn’t want to be seen reading it too long.