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Read This: Training Program (Intense)


This is my Training Program

Total 6 weeks
2 Weeks off

Squat 5 sets of 3 @ 75-80%
Bench 5 sets of 3 @ 80%

Dead 5 sets of 4 @ 70-75%
Bench 5 sets of 3 @ 80%

Eat Eat Eat(off)

Squat 4 sets of 3 @ 80%
Bench 4 sets of 4 @ 65%

Dead 5 sets of 3 @ 80%
O Lift Clean and Jark 4 sets of 6 @ 40-50%

Eat Eat Eat(off)

Eat Eat Eat(off)

My goals are to incress in those three Bench, Squat, Deads. packing on some mass on a intense workout program i made up. I just want to pack on some mass, sick of being small and strong. What do you guys think?

Am on a mass phase. This week am going to get weightgrainer incress my cal intake to around 6000 cals. Then a protein shakes for after am finsh my work-out. to repair my muscles. Am just wondering what supplements i should take to help me with the program to help me with the intense and to move more iron?

Am 18 year old male
138 Lbs
% of body fat: don't know pretty low
you won't believe my stats of the Big 3
but am telling the truth

Deads my fav: 365Lbs without anything
Bench 160Lb with a 40Lb bar Total: 200
Squat 230Lbs

My other goal is to play a good role in a powerlifting competition like


Sorry, but I don't really like it. If you want to gain strength, I'd go with CW's Strength-Focused Mesocyle or a Westside template.

The problem I see with your program is that you're doing the correct sets/reps for strength gains (5x3, 4x4), but you're not using enough weight. You should be lifting at 85%> of your 1RM and be shooting for 90-100%. And if you're going to do "speed training," I would stick with 50-60% of your max and do 8x3 (a la Westside).

As for your lifts, I don't know why people wouldn't believe you have a 365 deadlift, 200lb bench and 230lb squat. Other than your deadlift, the other lifts are nothing that I would consider unbelievable for a 138lb guy (I've lifted more at a lower bodyweight at one time).

And if you can get 6,000 calories a day, go for it. However, I guarantee you're going to gain fat and be bloated all the time. This will definitely hold true if you're using some sort of weight gainer (nothing but sugar and crappy protein).

Also, if strength is your main goal and training with low volume and high intensity, you won't need all those calories (thus, you will get fat). However, if you change your training to include high- and medium-intensity training, you will better utilize all the extra calories and not have it turn all to fat.

I'd suggest following a training program on the site and start increasing your calories by 250-500 per day instead of just jumping up to 6K/per day.

But what do I know?


Yes, I agree with Nate Dogg. Try to keep all of the weights at 85% and over. And, why aren't you doing any back work? You should add in some bent-over rows or at least some pullups. Hope this helps.


how can you be squatting only 30lbs more than you bench?


i think i speak for everyone here but 3 x a week benching is too much

you need only bench,dead and squat once per week as a maximum id say.

i know the westside template would pretty much have you doing it twice tho

id say

  1. squat, bench and dead mon,wed,fri respectively

  2. pick out the weakpoint in each lift on concentrate on them

  3. so for bench tris, lats and delts i.e. also do mili press, narrow and chin not all in one day

  4. for deads + squat posterior chain i.e. glutes and hams and lower back exercises such as GHR, hypers, reverse hypers, good morning straight leg dead lift.

  5. for squat also concentrate on quads- lunges and bulgarian split squats

  6. for deads also work on your traps.

so for as a begginner looking to imprve the big 3 look for something like:

day 1
squat 5 sets of 5 or 3
good morning 4 sets of 5
GHR 3 sets of 6
lunges 3 sets of 8

day 2

day 3
bench 5 sets fo 5 or 3
mili press 5 sets of 5
weighted dips 5 sets of 6
narrow bench 5 sets of 8

day 4 off

day 5
deadlifting 5 sets of 5/3
shrugs 5 sets of 5
weight hypers 3 sets of 6
bo rows 3 sets of 8
weigghted chins 3 sets of 8

remember to periodise your bench, squat, dead reps, % sets etc

also change the accessory to suit your weakness and dont over train.


If this is what inspires you and will keep you in the weight room then go for it. I would make some slight changes before embarking upon this though. Why not do a heavy Squat/Dead session on monday, then on Thursday a More speed oriented squat and O-lift session, that way your lowerbody work is coupled together so you can recover better, as well as have more quality workouts (Trying to dead the day after squats would lead to an unproductive deadlift session!)

Then on Tuesday you can do a heavy Bench day with some accesory upper back work, and friday maybe some lighter overhead pressing with accessory triceps work? This should take some more stress off of your CNS, because as it stands now you have 4 very CNS intensive days.

Let us know how it works and dont be afraid to make changes on the fly!

Good luck,

Pat Battaglia