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I neglected my forum a bit since I began focusing on the training lab. I'll resume my duties on the forum BUT:

I will start a thread called THIB Q&A NO.6... all questions should be posted in there, I will only answer questions in that thread, otherwise it's too complicated to catch up.



coach you competed and trained like olympic style weightlifter.when you suffer from aches and pains in joints and tendons with which way you face the pains and aches?you get some special supplement?have you propose any ways for treatment of joints and tendons?


@Makis - that would be a good question to post in THIB Q&A NO.6 per CT's request


LOL at people. No matter what coach writes someone will do the complete opposite...


why you practice criticism about my post?which is so much complicated so the coach cant anwer it?if yoyu are except give you the answer in my post


No one's being critical of you. But CT puts up a post saying he'll only answer questions posed in his Q & A #6 and you immediately post a question elsewhere..... Gotta read/understand/follow the rules dude.


Not only should you NOT POST QUESTIONS HERE, but your question is also worded very stupidly. I'll assume English is a second language for you though and give you a break.


you have right i dont speak and i dont know to write english well but the whole meaning of my question isnt comprehensible by you?


Yeah I can understand it. Sorry about being a dick. Rough day I guess.


Hey Christian,
Do you recommend your cluster training for teenagers?