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Quote: I’m a fairly lonely guy. I have my group of friends, and we hang out in the computer lab at lunch. I think my friends are cool, but they’re all guys. I don’t really have any women in my life.

Well that’s not entirely true. I have a sister, Laurie.

Since grade 7, everyone around me has been dating, everyone except for my clique.

Anyways, lately, my friends have started getting girlfriends, I’m really happy for them, but it leaves them with less time to spend with me. I see how happy they are with their ladies, and frankly, I’m jealous.

Last week my friend James called me up to tell me that he had just gone down on his girlfriend, for the first time. He said it was really cool. He’s been encouraging me to get a lady of my own for quite some time, to reap the rewards of having a woman as he puts it. I don’t think I’m ready.

Well, its not that I’m not ready, I’m just not in a position of getting a woman.

Anyways, back to what this is all about.

I like women, but have no access to them. The only exception being Laurie. Ever since James called me up, talking about how cool vaginas are, well, I’ve been curious, thanks to DPPH I know all about their construction, but, well, the Internet doesn’t lend itself to transferring smells.

I’ll just say it.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been going into my sister’s laundry, and smelling her panties. It’s not too hard; I just say I’m doing a load of wash, or wait for everyone to leave, and then go into her hamper.

I’m in no way sexually attracted to my sister; this doesn?t have anything to do with her. I just love the smell of vagina, and she has one.

I don’t think this is too wrong, but I’m afraid to ask my friends if they have done it.

Is this normal?


Quote: As some of you know, I recently posted in here in GBS about a sexual indulgence of which I have recently amused myself with.

The GBS community displayed a wide variety of opinions and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I was unsure to the normalness of such an activity, and you made it abundantly clear that I should stop. I have no problem understanding this, and never intended to do it again.

But there is something VERY FUCKING WRONGth what one of you did.

This afternoon I was picked up for school by none other then my sister. I immediately noticed that she was acting oddly. She would not look at me or talk to me the whole way home, and when we finally got there… I walk into the living room and both of my parents are in there looking directly at me.

Apparently, a “goon” who read my post took it into his hands to locate an account on a different message board, where I stupidly used the same name and avatar.

This of yet unnamed goon somehow acquired my phone number, called my house, and spoke to my parents and explained the situation.

I would just like to tell whoever did this… you destroyed my life.

I can’t fucking breathe… I can’t fucking think… why would someone do this. What I did… was harmless… what I posted… was honest. And yet someone took this whole message board thing TOO FUCKING FAR destroyed my life.

I now not only have to live with my ENTIRE FUCKING FAMILY KNOWING THIS, but I also have to see a psychiatrist.

Whoever did this know that I WILL fucking find out who you are. I hope you are banned from this message board, and I hope you can’t sleep at night knowing the personal and economic strain you have put on my family, and on my life. (psychiatrists are VERY fucking expensive, I was told I will be getting a job for the first time in my life this summer just to pay for my fucking shrink)

xen where in the hell do you find shit like this…its hilarious—disturbing----but hilarious…

Smelling your sister’s panties, man thats just fucked up. What a loser, lol.

it’s only fucked up if she’s ugly.



Oh my…

I can’t believe that shit… It’s hilarious, but tragic at the same time.

Kind of like when I got caught wearing my mom’s platform knee-high boots and pretending to be Ponch on my bike, but damn I was only 5.

That’s freakin’ hilarious.

The saddest part is that this guy had no idea if what he was doing was normal.

He would probably get some sympathy from TC though as a fellow panty sniffer. In fact, I believe there’s even a Scandinavian ritual involving incestuous panty sniffing.

This is something everyone needs to be careful with. I do alot of file onlinesharing, and I will occasionally browse all the files that a certain person is sharing. Some people aren’t real bright and they share thier entire hard drive. I’ll be able to browse through family photos, scanned tax documents, you name it. Whatever they have on thier PC, I can download. Some people even save all thier instant messages. Thos are always fun when your bored. Just don’t expose your ass to get fucked!!!

Good lord what the hell? “I smell my sister’s panties, is there anything wrong with that?”

No that is perfectly normal, as a matter of fact, I wear my mother’s bras as well.


That has got to be the most naive person I’ve ever heard of. Not sure even a psychiatrist can help him.

Almost feel sorry for him…almost

Fuckin hilarious. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that he has to go and see a psychiatrist though, geez.

His parents are losers too. Why didn’t they just get him laid. Would have solved a lot of problems much more cheaply.

Poor kid. At least he didn’t have to chew through his own colon like Palahniuk’s friend.

The good news is they stopped him before he started munching on her used tampons.

What’s even more hilarious is that he confessed to the perverted crime maybe it’s just me But would’nt you beable to think of a lie or many of them to explain your way out of that by making it seem like a vicious lie being told by an internet prankster But heck this dude can’t get laid and that is really just the ability to lay down a good line of bull shit(LIES) to a woman so maybe he dose lack the abilty to fabricate a good story for his benefit ?

this is pathetic. every single one of us has done things catering to our sexual impulses that nobody will know unless we tell them. yet, here we are, belittle-ing the integrity of ourselves as men and the integrity of Testosterone as a gathering of men.

am i the only one of us who remembers or will admit to remembering what it was like as a teen? am i the only one of us who actually experienced adolescent sexual frustration and indecisiveness? in this thread, the comment was made jokingly that TC would understand. i don’t know if TC would, but the it’s for damn sure that the Atomic Dog would. he’d illustrate a fucking story for us.

does anybody remember chrismcl’s thread about fucking a chick with the same name as his sister. the resounding responses where “i’d still hit it!” yet now that a kid was caught sniffing his sister’s panties because he wanted to smell pussy we brand him as “messed up”, etc.

michaelv has it right. the issue is about this kid needing some pussy, yet his family hasn’t recognized or chooses to ignore the real issue…“yo, daddy, get your boy a hooker if that’s the only poon he’s gonna get.” illegal? damn right. wise? that’s for damn sure.

Testosterone is not a place for men to be PC. each and every one of us know that this kid was not being incestuous. each and every one of us know that this kid is not messed up in the head. each and every one of us knows what it’s like being adolescent and lonely and unsure about what is normal and what is unacceptable. or am i the only one?

time to act like men and restore some of our dignity by reclaiming the truth about what it’s like being a man…and a young man, for that matter.

poor kid…

wugs: There’s a reason that this kid has to go see a shrink. Think about it. Yeah, we can all identify with the teen angst, but there is a line that you don’t cross, and this kid took a giant flying bungee-cordless leap over it.

Ew. Okay, now that I got that over with, this kid is obviously an intelligent, geeky type. Look at the way he matter-of-factly writes about this: “I like the smell of vagina, and my sister has one.” He is a rational kind of guy who sees no problem with what he did. This kid will turn out fine, end up going to MIT or something, get rich from the patents he gets, and women will be attracted to him for his money.

Laurie, on the other hand, is the one who is going to need some therapy.

Time to look at the hot chick image to get this freak show out of my head.

Wufwugy, no harm done, thats your opinion and I respect it, I’m glad to see a different point of view.

If we all agreed then there would be no growth.I just wanted to spark some conversation anyway.


“What the fuck Buffalo Bill”

[quote]MikeTheBear wrote:
This kid will turn out fine, end up going to MIT or something, get rich from the patents he gets, and women will be attracted to him for his money.


He better start talking to lawyers about pre-nups…LOL. After he is done with the shrinks of course.