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Read this Book?

Has anyone read this book? A Man Called Intrepid is the story of Bill Stevenson, Churchill’s top security advisor and the messenger between him and FDR. The intelligence operations he and his peers were conducting against the Germans went directly against England’s parliament and prime minister. Essentially, Intrepid, Churchill, and a small group of volunteers collected intelligence on the Nazis, saw that England was unprepared for Nazi war machine, were organizing guerillas to fight from inside an occupied London, and made preparations to move to New York so they could coordinate the effort if/when England fell. This group convinced FDR to covertly assist England to stop the Nazi’s. If it weren’t for their secret acts done behind their governments back, the world could very well be under the Third Reich’s control today.

The reason I bring this up is because I am seeing way too many parallels between their story and our war with Iraq. Both governments had to fight anti-war sentiments, both evil regimes were hell bent on domination, both regimes used terror and propaganda to appeal to those who preferred appeasement, both dictators were on the verge of creating a nuclear weapon, both regimes would use it if they had one, and in both situations it is the covert operations that made/are making all of the difference.

I know that with each page I read, my resolve to attack Iraq before the situation worsens grows. I highly recommend anyone still opposed to the war to read this book. Actually, I recommend everyone with any interest in history read this book. I give it my highest rating. If anyone else has read this book, please comment.