Read the Gyno Sticky, But Need More Info

I have fatty tissue behind my nipples, with no glandular tissue. There are no painful or hard lumps behind my nipple, therefore it can’t be ‘real’ gyno. It’s pseudogyno, or puffy nipples, whatever term might be used. I’m currently cutting to get my bodyfat into single digits to see if it is resolved. The sticky doesn’t really touch on uses of Letro to resolve this form of gyno. Would following the protocol outlined in the sticky help me resolve my (pseudo)gynecomastia? I’ve attached an image which shows exactly my condition, but more skinnyfat, gross I know, sorry.

Do not use anything that affects your hormones.

You look like youve never lifted weights.

Your problem isnt from bodyfat, you dont look fat based on that picture. You look like youre still going through puberty.

Lift weights and eat healthy. Attempting to lose fat may be futile for your issue.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
You look like youve never lifted weights.

Sorry, I must have been unclear, the picture isn’t me. I’ve lifted all my adult life.