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Read Anything Good This Week?

Non-fiction, fiction, other??

I know the reading threads have been done to death, but I was just interested to see if anyone had read anything good recently that I should check out.

I just finished up starting strength by Rippetoe this week on a 15 Hour flight. It was probably the best book on strength training I have ever read.

I have another 13-14 hour flight coming up tonight and another 15 hr flight home Thursday night. I will read anything that is good. I need options!

Re-reading books by Michael Z. Williamson relatively few books as he only in the last few years started writing books. Science-fiction… probably my newest favorite sci-fi author.


now reading - The Weapon

I also want to check out some books by John Scalzi and Jack Campbell

rereading the Alice books (lewis carrol), forgot how fucking good they were. Before that finished Bedroom Secrets of the master chefs (irvine welsh) bit dissapointed, not like other welsh books, less shocking and slow.

I just started reading “I will teach you to be rich” by Rami Sethi

it’s along the lines of “4hr work week” from what I’ve read so far.

the $12 investment in the book is going to be a good one for sure!

Last week I also read Dave Tate’s “Under the Bar”

and Bill Bryson’s, “The lost Continent”.

Both were pretty good

Just finished the novel “The Forgery of Venus” by Michael Gruber.
Any artist will love this book (because of its descriptive scenes of the painting process), though it’s not really about art per se. I loved it all the way until the last chapter. Seems like Gruber didn’t know how to end it, so he just rushed and ending.

I’m currently reading Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson…about 25% through and it’s mediocre…not nearly as good as Already Dead or Jesus’s Son.

Big Irvine Welsh fan. Just finished If you liked School, You’ll love Work…pretty good, short stories, not The Acid House, but pretty good.

Favorite is probably Thom Jones…Pugilist at Rest and Cold Snap are all time favorites.

Without a doubt, Dog Eat Dog by Ed Bunker is the best crime novel I have ever read.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone

If you like basketball, Loose Balls by Terry Pluto is great. It is the history of the ABA and it is hilarious. Here is an excerpt from the intro:

"Ever hear of a guy named Bob Costats? His first radio gig was in the ABA as the voice of the Spirits of St. Louis, where he tried to explain to the world-or at least the good part of it reached by KMOX’s booming 50,000 watt signal-that star Marvin Barnes had missed yet another team flight, this one from Louisville to St. Louis that was scheduled to depart at 8 AM eastern time and arrive at 7:59 central.

Why did Barnes miss the flight?

Because, as Barnes explained, he “didn’t want to get in no time machine.”

At the airport you could find a book by Lee Child. He’s a thriller/mystery writer but he only writes about the adventures of one character, Jack Reacher.

The cool thing is is that Reacher is a perfect T-man. He’s ex-military, about 6’4", 250 lbs and gets into trouble by just sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

It’s easy to recognize because most of the American editions use a big target motif on the cover.
They’re just plain good violent fun, but not like those cheesy Mack Bolans.

“End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot” by Naomi Wolfe. Basically she says “This is what happened in Mussolinis Italy, Hitlers Germany, Maos China, Stalins Russia, and other nations that have gone from a democracy to a dictatorship, and this is currently what’s happening/happened in the US. Coincidence?”

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max is the only one I’ve finished so far this week, got another 3 on the go at the moment though.

Lee Child rocks! I think I have bought every book he has written, though my collection has more or less vanished. Loaning books out etc.

His Jack Reacher novels are top notch.

non-fiction if you haven’t picked up a copy of Lone Survivor - it is a great read.