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Reactive Training System


Does anyone have experience using this system? I believe that Michael Tuchscherer (USAPL 275 pound national champion) developed it and it incorporates biofeedback to determine training intensity.


I have been using it for the past 9 weeks and I am very pleased with the progress I have made thus far. I have only been using the standard template as it is written in the manual and slowly introducing aspects such as fatigue stops and fatigue percents. The volume blocks can be demanding during the first mesocycle, particularly on lower body days, but all those sets build up your work capacity and make the intensity blocks a piece of cake.

If you want more info about it or ideas, feel free to send me a PM.


Mike is a Trainer. You can buy the manual and my understanding is he will also provide personal training for a fee.

Tony Reid has been working with Mike since Raw Unity and making excellent progress which is quite a statement as Tony was already a very strong, experienced lifter before he started.

Go here: http:/rts.activeboard.com/


I have been feeling kinda stale with classic linear periodization type of training lately, so I looked at my options to change things around. I settled on RTS because it seemed the most reasonable choice, and it’s been having great reviews. The book cost a lot for its size, but then again it is well worth the $.

Essentially, the book gives you a basic template, then each chapter is a new tool to introduce to this template, each tool making your training more precise.

I must say though, this program is definitely not for everybody. You need a certain amount of self-awareness and control to have success on this program. If you’re the type to put loud music and get riled up, you might have a tough time. It must also be hard to implement if you’re more than a 1 man team.


I have the RTS manual. It is a very interesting program. Brady Stewart uses RTS and has had some good success with it. It was a toss up between Sheiko and RTS for my training cycle for USAPL Raw Nationls, but since Sheiko had been an interest for over a year prior to using it, I went with Sheiko. I would like to try RTS someday. It does make a lot of sense.