Reactive Strength

when doing the isometric part of this training and it says hold it for 8 seconds for 3 reps, how long do you rest between the REPS?

That’s a good question. It doesn’t say in the program. With the amount of weight called for in the isometric portion I would think it would be hard to do more then 1 rep held isometrically for 8 seconds although I guess you could bring the bar down and pause for 10 seconds or so and have spotters help you hoist the weight up for the final 2 reps. If it were me, and this is something I’ve used with a lot of success, I’d just do one rep held for 8 seconds and then follow that up with the full range set. With that amount of weight held isometrically, one 8 second isometric rep is really all that is required to get the positive after effects in the nervous system, which is the goal to begin with. You don’t want to cause too much fatigue in the isometric portion. If you’re doing that program experiment with it. If you find the bar speed on the full range movement is better after doing 1 isometric rep vs doing 3 with a 10 second pause then I can about guarantee you’ll get better results just doing 1. Hope this helps.

thanks kelly for helping me, just want to ask one other question, how long should i rest before i switch from the isometric portion to the full range portion of the exercise, thanks again

I believe the article recommends 2 minutes.

yeah, i read that but i was just going to see someone else’s opinion cause that didn’t seem long enough to rest since i would be holding 20 to 30 more pounds than usual and i thought i would get fatigued quickly with just the two minutes rest, guess not, thanks for your help