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Reactive Strength Write-up



Let me know what you think!


Looks good. I use depth jumps quite often with my rowers I coach. I will say the biggest issue I find is poor landing mechanics. Any suggestions on how to coach/improve that?


Yep, everything he says:





thx stb


great post stb, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for reading. Looks like my next post will be on how kids can do plyometrics without blowing their knees out and shattering growth plates. The worst thing about starting one of these blogs is all of the 'experts' come out of the fucking woodwork and try to contradict everything because of an article in FLEX that they read that said something different.


Did 10 bw kneeling jumps before my dynamic lower day yesterday. They felt great and I felt a little more explosive than normal during my squats. You would recommend doing something with more variation I presume though? And do you only do the reactive work on lower days?


Just master the basics at first. Kneeling jumps, box jumps, seated box jumps, braod jumps, etc. You don't need to go ballistic on weights and variaitons Establish some max's on stuff like kneeling braod jumps (for distance) and box jump heights. Then start adding in more complicated stuff like 1-2 feet kneeling broad jump, land, then jump to a max box height. Unloaded depth jumps and reactive depth jumps are good places to start once you have all of your basic jumping down.

Personally, I do something explosive, not always reactive, every day. I figure that if at any point in my life I can't jump from my knees to the with relative ease, then I am either doing something terribly wrong in my taining or I am seriously injured.


I'm having trouble jumping from my knees. Am I doing something wrong? Am I just weak? Is there a way to work up to jumping from the knees?


Awesome stuff. The 31 inch kneeling jump is stupid. Stupid as in ridiculously impressive. Think I am going to try and start doing some of this stuff to up my jumping/general reactive strength. Great post.


From some others that I train, I really don't think this is a weakness or speed issue. I think it is a thoracic/lumbar mobility issue. Do you cave forward on your squats and have trouble staying back on heavy deadlifts too?


No, I don' think so.