reactive strength question

Just to make sure if I unterstand the dynamic static principle.
Let’s say you can bnp 200 pounds for 4 reps. I add about 40 pounds to the bar, and push press the 240 pounds overhead and hold the weight for 8 seconds. After that set I go to the dynamic workset. Then I switch back to the static set.I do this until I have done can only press a weight for two reps. This is how I unterstand the text.
But what is unclear to me, (because of my bad english) I do a dynamic set, rest for 120 seconds and then perform ONE static rep, rest again, and perform the next dynamic set. Is one static rep enough to fool the cns, or do I have to do more static reps between the dynamic set?
So please tell my what I unterstood wrong and correct me, because I really want to use this method as it seems to be very effective.