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Reactions to Diary article

I read the new article about the guy doing steroids… and I velieve it was TC that commented that this guy wasn’t like the typical rookies that get into juicing without knowing what the fuck they are doing…but I think that guy was definitely not at the point where “he has grown as much as I could naturally” as he said. When you are reading the article I read that he said AFTER starting his cycle he benched 225 for 10 reps, beating his best of 8. I know its a crude judgement, but if this guy benches 225 for 10 with the help of steroids…he was definitely not at the peak of his natural growth. I’m definitely not here to brag at all, but I’m not into roids in any way at all and I can bench 225 for 23 and I’m a freshman football player in college. My point is that this guy sounds like he could have grown a lot more before he went to juice.

Depends really on a couple of important bits of information.

You might be a) a lot bigger than this guy. After all it doesn’t say how much he weighed or how tall b) you might be the same size but naturally genetically mpre gifted

It possible you are right but theres just not enough information to go on.

That article made me wonder if I was reading T-mag or if I had
accidentally picked up a copy of my girlfriends “Shape” magazine.
I thought that as T-mag readers we were provided with factual
documents, not some chumps sappy life story.
BTW, I agree with the statement that this guy has probably not
reached his personal limits (@225lbs). Unless he only weighs 95 lbs.
I know it could be argued that his body type may not be condusive
to muscle growth, but from the rest of the article I think we can
read between the lines and conclude that he doesn’t know as much
about lifting and diet as what he researched about juice.