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Reaction to Injection

Hey all. I am looking for information regarding a recent injection in the delt area. This was on Fri. I trained shoulders on Sat and everything was fine. On Sun I started to feel a little more sore in the area and noticed a redness over my bicep area distal to the site. Wed I have developed a lump approx 2x2 in my bicep 4in below the pin site in my delt.

The redness has spread to my inner bicep. I used aseptic techniques, have no fever, there is pain to the lump only to the touch. My range of motion is improving each day. I was told to put heat on the area to help dissolve the clot so I did this only for two nights, 30min each night until I realized this spread the redness and is probably the wrong thing to do.

What I find odd is that the lump and redness is so far away from the pin site. What should I do besides go to the doctor?

Although it is impossible for us to diagnose such a problem through forums, it will help us to attempt such a feat if we know what you injected.

Does the area feel hot? How muany days since the injection? I think you said you have no fever, which is good.

It was test 450 by Cooper which includes 3 types of test enath, pro, deca. Only used 1/2 cc. Site feels much better today though and redness seems to be improving as well. I am going to keep monitoring it. Thanks for the reply!

Sorry, forgot to include that the area does not feel hot. Thanks!

Wouldnt test 450MG per Ml cause injection pain unless it was cut with something? I dont know, but I tihnk I have read such a thing.

So far about 10-12 after is when pain is felt. Not immediately.

Another question…why are chills and temporary fever shortly after(approx 8hrs after pin) im usage and is this fairly normal? Also, how immunosuppressent are steroids? Trying to learn as much as possible…THANKS TO ALL!