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Reaction To Eggs


Hello, this morning approximately 15-20 minutes after eating eggs my skin started to feel tight and get blotchy and itchy. My uneducated guess is allergic reaction due to overconsumption since iv been eating eggs for breakfast everyday for at least a month. I realise this means I need to increase the diversity of my protein intake, and that I should take a break from eggs but how long of a break should I take and whats the best way to cycle eggs back in.
Thanks in advance.


I've eaten eggs and egg whites everyday for the past year or more, and have had no problems.

If you really think they are the trigger, lay off of them completely for 7-10 days, then try them again and see what happens.


Modok you are correct I doubled up on my multivitamin today since I forgot to take it yesterday and it contains 50mg of niacin so that is the culprit. I'm glad I don't have to stop eating eggs.
Thanks for both replies