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Reaction from Bad Injection?

been oh TRT for about 3.5 years…alternating thighs…now,i realize that every now and then youll have a “bad” injection (shaky needle,etc) and the area will be sore for a few days.however, the injection i did last week…about 8 days ago…my thigh is still really sore…ive never had pain this long…skin isnt red nor feels abnormally hot to the touch…just tender and painful …i dont feel sick or feverish but the fact that is doesnt seem to be improving bothers me…any ideas?

Probably scar tissue from years of injecting. I would take some Advil to calm inflammation and maybe ice it if it gets really bad might be good idea to get checked out.

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Use heat, it will help usually. Stop it it causes more pain or inflammation.

Are you alternating areas? I do sub Q, but if I hit an area where I use to over use, it will definitely hit some scar tissue and be a “bad shot” painful, bleed, whatever.

Try shooting into your chest, or deltoids to switch it up. or even try sub Q

If you inject quickly it can get infected.

Infection only happens when either the area, the needle, or the oil is contaminated.

always alternate but after 3.5 years im running out of good spots either side. i could always shoot in my ass i suppose.i am kinda tired of pinning those thighs…i considered sub-q at one point but saw mixed reactions towards it…
i always inject very slowly…

What size needle are you using?

23…but…i did use 21’s for years cuz thats what my doctor put in the rx …i finally said fuck it and now i order 23’s from a med supply place

I use 29 gauge 1/2" insulin syringe. It takes less than 3 minutes to draw and inject.

If I was using 21 or 23 gauge I would be in your shoes.

Once you switch to a smaller needle it is like night and day.

Why are you using 23!? You can get away with 27 even 30. I can’t even imagine the damage 21 would do to muscle tissue over time.

it was always inferred to me that the oil would have trouble going through such small needles…

and yes, the 21’s were often hell…but thats what the doc gave me…he must be a sadist lol

I warm up vial in between my legs for 1/2 a minute. Helps draw faster.

i found some 25 x 5/8" syringes lying around…would that be deep enough to penetrate the muscle you think?

Depends on your body fat percentage/distribution. Maybe shoulder or chest, as alpha suggested. Thigh might work too, but again it depends on how/where you carry more fat.

5/8 is what I use on delts for glutes you probably want at least 1” again like mentioned depends on your bf plus deep IM is not as mandatory as ppl used to think so even shallow IM is okay.