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Reaching Wolverine


I've started my first cycle about a week ago with intent to recover from off season knee surgery (ACL bone-patellar-bone graft). Just running 500mg/week of Test E-- I'll get straight to it; I've read literature claiming that such a cycle could potentially catalyze necessary musculature mass that would support the knee and thus make for a "quicker recovery". Blah, blah, blah.

I want to know from any of YOU out there-- do any of YOU have personal experience in this? Can you recollect on your journey to recovery with AAS as your lantern? If so, I'd love to hear what you experienced, how your return to your respective sport/field turned out, and what you think I may find myself saying/feeling at the conclusion of this experiment.

Any response, positive or negative, is always appreciated. Thanks.



There are a lot of factors at work here. Certainly, increasing muscle mass can help support joints and protect them from injury. Conversely, the training required to do so can also exacerbate an existing injury. Training can give your body the incentive to heal, or keep it from healing. It all depends.

If you're primarily looking for joint/connective tissue recovery, I think HGH or related peptides might be more advantageous to you. They are known to have some pretty amazing effects for healing.




Thanks for the response reidnez. I have been doing the physical therapy religiously and the doctors were all pretty pleased with my progress. I'm at the point where the incision and graft are all 100% healed and I can't really do anything to disrupt it (barring another collision). Essentially, all I have left to do is even out the strength and get my right leg back up to speed. I'm still about 16 weeks out from Rugby season beginning and I want to be ready to tear it up, but if I'm not I won't risk the reoccurring injury.

I've looked up GH and peptides, however most of it seems way out of my price range (poor, on scholarship). Although, if anything is truly worth the money, that would be it so maybe I shall.


You have a tendon injury, not a "muscle injury", steroids will strengthen the muscles, but also put you at risk to tearing/ retearing tendons because the steroids allow the muscles to "get stronger at an increased rate" more so than the tendons, that is why some guys tear muscles lifting too much weigh too soon. You could create a lot of muscle/ tendon strength imbalance and set yourself up for another tear.


HGH isn't cheap your right about that, but im pretty sure peptides are cheap as fuck


Certainly, I agree. I'm actually resuming the "Rehab" part of the training as it was... gradually adding in squats and RDLs every so often. So far it's been going really well. My bench numbers have increased pretty dramatically for only 2 weeks in (30 mg dbol/500 mg test e). I've noticed that my knee actually feels more stable, as weird or as unassuming as it sounds, now that I've been increasing the weight slowly and adding in some good ol' squats.

I will certainly keep a keen eye on how my knee feels as a response to said substances being introduced to my system. If nothing else, it could be a nice experiment that I let you know if it succeeds or fails :]


HRT dose of Test, Var, EQ and GH.

Look and feel great.