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Reaching to the Verterans

I am hoping to get some advice from the veterans out there. I have been working out for roughly 10 years. The good news is that in that time I have learned an awful lot about myself, my genetics and what seems to work for me. I am 5’10” ~ 220 lbs. 10% BF. I have never had any problems putting on muscle. I have an aggressive appetite and have always felt like I was holding myself back nutritionally.

The problem:

In 10 years I’ve never had the low level of BF that I yearn for. At 10% I can see some vascularity and definition in the arms and abs, but the deep cuts that you’d see around 5% is what I want.

I guess I can’t seem to figure what is wrong with my diet and cardio that prevents me from losing the fat.

Current program:

The diet is pretty simple. On non-lifting days I eat 6 meals with complex carbs. On workout days I will eat 5 meals, due to my schedule, with the pre and post workout meals coming from protein and simple carbs. I will start a 6 week phase at 2500 cals and work my down over the 6 weeks. My protein is at 1lb/BW and fat is kept low.

I have followed this now for over 6 months and have seen decent results. I am much leaner, but still weigh in the 220 range.

My Thinking:

Part of my problem all along has been calorie control. I have that under control now and I am thinking of a 3 day diet structure where day 1 includes complex carbs, another with a mix of complex and fibrous (veggies) and a 3rd day with carbs all from veggies. I am hoping this will work to get me to the 5% range.

My question to the T-magers. If you “honestly” have very low bodyfat and you struggled for a long time to figure out the problem that prevented you from getting there, what did it take for you to reach your goals. What were you doing wrong?

I have been training for 11 years and I am 188 pounds at 6% BF, and have never felt better and I have been at this level for 2 years, and have managed to put on a couple pounds of muscle without trying, I like the way I look and just want to get stronger. I change my training alot. I do a lot of training like Pavel suggests, I only do the hardest exercises, with lots of sets with lower reps, I never do flys and cables exercises, I don’t even know what a leg extension is. I made a lot of progress by this. Also the most important was I started eating more, I was eating too little calories, and some of the calories I did eat were not good quality, like I would eat white potatoe instead of sweet, now I am extremely careful with my carb selection. I eat alot of fruit and vegetables. I don’t claim to know it all but I think I had the same problem you did, I can put on weight really easy, buts its when I am not careful, I never eat the bad carbs, even on my plurge day, because I can’t stop myself, also if you are eating enough of the good food you need, then the splurge day is easy to keep under control.