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Reaching Goals

Last year i hurt my back and had been rehabbing last spring and didn’t start lifting heavy with my lower body untill late summer. At first i could only squat and deadlift 185 at a bodyweight of 145. And i wanted my goal by christmas to squat and deadlift 225 for 5 reps. I have reached and surpased my goal and its way before new years. I can now squat 245x3, and deadlift 295x3 still at a bodyweight of 145. My bench has been stuck at 235 for a while. I normally train westside but the last few months i’ve been messing around with full body workouts emphasising the different kinds of contractions, eccentric, concentric and isometrics. I’ve found this to be great for squats but not so great for my bench. Then i also tried pendulum training which is think is great as long as your not in a rut like i am with my bench. So i’m going back to good ole westside to try and reach my bench goal of 250 by christmas. After this my goal be to reach a total of 1000lbs by the end of may. So far my bench is 235, squat around 260 and deadlift aroudn 315. Thats a total of 810. So i’ve got 190 lbs to go by the end of may. I think it will be tough, but not unreachable. I would also like to reach a weight of 155 to 165. But with my schedule i seem to have trouble taking in enough calories between work, school, fraternity stuff, and girlfriend, but i’ll just have to try harder.

Good luck!

Keep an open eyes on technique and weakness during the range of motion and you’ll progress faster!!

Keep fighting

One thing i did find that worked GREAT for squats is focusing on on the isometric portion at the bottom. Box squats aggrevate my back injury so i do pause squats for a 3RM with a 3 second pause at the bottom. Works great. If my gym had a power rack i’d also do bottom up squats, but i work out at a university gym and they have one squat rack and people use it to do CURLS IN 90% OF THE FREAKING TIME.