Reaching full ketosis

I’ve been following the fat fast diet plan for nine days now and have been following my eating plan to the T. i’m doing all what was recommended with the flax oil, dropping calories,carbs are near zero, cardio, and the supplements to help me out. I’ve been monitoring my urine using ketone strips to monitor my body so i can see when my body reaches full ketosis. My question is though that my urine is only showing small to moderate traces of ketones in my body. When or how long does it take for someone to reach full ketosis or is it normal to stay within that boundary of small to moderate when testing for ketones? By the way if anyone out is thinking of following the fat fast diet…it is truly grueling and i can’t wait till January 23 for my carb feast.

I know the language you’re speaking, brother. I used to be absolutely paranoid about getting that darkest color of purple on those cursed sticks. Got some good news for you though-as long as you’re at least showing trace levels of ketones you’re getting 100% of the benefits of this diet. Keep in mind that the sticks only show UNUSED ketones that pass through your urine stream. So you can actually be in ketosis and not have it show up on the sticks-you might just be burning them all up, particularly if you’re on ultra-low calories like Fat Fast or are really active that day. Really, the sticks are only useful your first time on the diet (the first week or two) or if you make changes in your carb-up. You’re fine, just don’t go hog wild on the carb-up and avoid fructose/sucrose like the plague. You might even avoid the bars that use glycerine. If you’re following Fat Fast to the letter, this shouldn’t even be an issue. If you think you’re not in ketosis, watch your protein/fat ratio, as excess protein converts to glucose which can hinder ketosis. This is the only thing I would modify on Fat Fast is to get at least a 1/1 fat to protein gram ratio, but if the other way gets you there then more power to you. Good luck, and don’t obsess over the ketosticks!

I just started the Fat Fast diet yesterday. I am doing it for four weeks, and the only carbs I take in are the 2g that are in each serving of my Protein shake.
What kind of results are you getting with the diet? What kind of Androgenic are you using, and have you had any muscle loss?