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Reaching Double BW Farmer Walk on 1A Neuro Type Program

Hey Coach,
I’m a big fan of your Strength Skill Circuit Method and Wave Ladders, and I had the best results with this style of training (after doing 5x5, 5/3/1, best damn and many others). After your series of articles about Neuro Types, I can see why, since I can mostly relate to 1A type, especially with the workout plan presented in article. Also, I am huge fan of farmer’s walk and would like to increase that mf to double b/w, John Rusin style (also to increase core strength, shoulder stability and grip strength :smiley: ).
I am curious how would you incorporate that exercise into particular plan?


Threat it like another strength exercise. So if you put it in your program, you have to take out a strength lift on the day(s) you do carries.

For loaded carries see it this way, 10m = 1 rep… so if the ideal rep range for you is 1 to 5 reps, it means sets of 10 to 50m… and you can use similar parameters as you would for regular strength exercises

Damn, now I can’t decide wich exercise to remove from program :sweat_smile:
Thanks coach!