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Reached Overtrained State: Recovery

Yes, I was doing a program based on supersets of 5 sets of 3 with short breaks for 7 weeks. I took a week off without really needing it and returned for 4 weeks and 1 day with a switch to supersets of 4 sets of 5, slightly longer breaks. During the last complete week I started feeling a lagging sense and started waking up dead tired and not ready to lift. I realized too late it is overtraining and wonder how best to recover from it. I am not losing weight, but I tried to bench 215lbs for a few reps just to see how it feels (I should be able to crank out 5 reps), and 2 seemed to whole world, i didn’t push it to failure. I rarely train to failure with my sets.

My diet is about 40g of protein from whey with milk and coffee first thing in the day, and the same about 2.5-3 hours later every day, lifting or not. I wonder if this could be contributing. I also don’t use any other supplements, other than recently experimenting with creatine I got on sale just to try it, although I only bought a 15 day supply that ran out just as I was starting to decline. Diet other than that is about 225-250g of complete protein each day, spread out evenly from dietary sources when after morning, leafy greens, other veggies, fruits in good quantity including vitamin C. I have olive oil every day, although in fairly modest quantities. Grains are limited in total calories, usually oatmeal, with rye bread or something as occasional alternate. I eat very little prepared foods, and have a small amount of salt with my oats, so I wonder if too little sodium might be a part of it. I sip water all day.