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Ok I like to eat some bread occasionally for a PC meal. But what kind of bread is the best. I usually stick to rye or whole wheat because it is suppossed to have a lower glycemic index. But there is also sprout bread (made without yeast), low carb bread,flax bread etc. I have some in the fridge now that has 3 grams of carbs per serving. Feedback?

well since pepridge farms or however it is spelt is now using non trans fats i love the german dark wheat…and then otherwise barley bread, wheat bread and rye bread, all whole grain and i like when it has atleast 3 grams of fiber per slice. That shows it is not processed or bleached ususually.

Anybody else on this?

Spelt bread would probably be your best bet other than flax. It’s got the lowest glycemic rating that I know of as far as breads go.

Sprouted breads get my vote. They are fresher and don’t have the phytate issue (which hinders absorption of magnesium, zinc, and calcium). Generally they probably have better ingredients as well.

So I guess Ill stick with flax and sprout bread as i have been.