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Re-Using the Pin Used for Pre-Loading Vials?



quick question, as my search yielded nothing of interest.

I am using a 23g pin to preload my EQ and Tren vials into a syringe. I then fit a new 25g pin unto the syringes and store it aways. I find it very useful for when I need to make discreet injects. I prefer to load 2-3 syringes which is ok for a week at E3D.

Since I'm fairly short on 23g pins, and I'm just curious, can I reuse the pin the week after? It it kept attached to the original empty sterile syringe with the guard cap in place.

thanks for the advice!


You can reuse the same pin you used to load from the vial, but it will hurt significantly more than using a new pin.

Once you stick a pin the tip is smashed up and is much less effective.


a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am refering to the pin used to reload my syringes, not the pin used to inject, which will be new and sterile.

It's just that the pin, the needle, to draw is 23g which is much easier than the 25g I use to inject.



Although it is riskier, you run the risk of possibly contaminating your test, I recommend simply using the 25g to draw and inject.

I do. Simply warm the oil, it makes a huge difference, run hot water over the vial, it only takes me about 10 minutes to inject, tops.

No reason to risk infection simply to draw 2 minutes faster.


My mistake!! I misread your original question, hope the picture helped though.
My first cycle ever I used the same pins to draw and then immediately inject. What an idiot...