Re: Underdosed Vial Post

I was just remembering someone last week had a post asking if anyone had underdosed vials lately. Well today I met with one of the main guys who sells hGH manufactured here in Guangdong, China. I asked him what the prices were on 4iu, 5iu, etc. He said “due to the fact that you speak Chinese, I will give you the Chinese hGH and not the one for export to America.” I said “what is the difference.” He basically said once the hGH is paid for, he can send a 10iu bottle off that really only has 8.5 or 9iu in it because he’s never gonna see the end user face to face.

The Chinese won’t put up with that shit so he has to fully dose the vials for sale here. He also knows with gear that it’s not like Americans can go file a gripe with the Better Business Bureau about their trenbolone. I believe this answers last week’s question.