Re: The New Book


Received the new book in the mail today; clean, thorough and well presented. Would have liked to see an Olympic Lift section in lieu of a Crossfit section, but otherwise 120/100.

Much appreciation for the articles, knowledge, and experience you’ve distilled that’s helped myself and other lifters.


Well we can’t do everything in one book! But I started writing one on strength along with two friends of mine. I will cover the olympic lifts and performance training (jumps, throws, etc.), and there will be a powerlifting section and a strongman one.

But the Bible didn’t have two parts! Will it be named Maximum Muscle: The New Testament?


I like it

But… it did, though…

And if that was sarcasm, then masterfully done sir.

The Scottish in me is strong…my sarcasm goes to 11. Shout out to Spinal Tap