Re-Test Levels Before Beginning or Start Cycle?

My order got messed up and I got Halo instead of Epi which I’m ok with as it was #2 on my list of choices.

The thing is, my bloods came back.

HDL 47 (40-99)
LDL 130 (60-139)

The LDL is still within normal range, but somewhat high. Should I retest and get this lowered? (Tested on a Monday after a Saturday cheat meal at McDonald’s if that can affect it)

The most concerning was my testosterone baseline. I’m naturally at 0.93 ng/ml (1.31-8.71) when I was at 2.93 only 4 years ago; I didn’t think that the late-twenties could differ that much. This was low enough to get an appointment for a 2nd round of tests for my doc to consider TRT.

Weird thing about having low T is that I’m still bigger and stronger than I was back then…

Should I wait to get tested again or cycle first?


Also, since I was prepared to do a cycle of Epi, I did not order an AI with my Nolva. Should I have an AI on hand with Halodrol? There are conflicting posts around the forums going back years.


When was your last cycle? What did you run on cycle?

This will be my first cycle. I plan on taking it 6 weeks at 50/75… if tolerable followed by a proper PCT with Nolvadex.

My questions so far are: 1) is my LDL too high, 2) is my testosterone too low to even be considering cycling, and 3) will I need an AI on hand for Halodrol or will aromatization even be an issue with this compound?


Well, I think your LDL is just a tad high, but in range. If you clean up your diet a bit on cycle nothing to worry about. Not experienced with Halodrol, I thought you were referring to Halotestin at first.
What worried me is your test. 93 ng/dL is extremely low… that falls into the healthy range… for women. Even 293 ng/dL is low. I’m no expert so I don’t know what the fucking hell is going on here. Could you post your full bloods? Maybe I could try and figure out what is going on. I know saturated fats help with testosterone levels, but we’re already concenred with LDL. Lifting helps too. Things to avoid from what I know of would be excessive training (can actually lower test), and of course don’t jack off all the fucking time. Man I’m stumped. 93 is really low, is there anything you think would cause your test to be this low?

Also no, neither of the halos aromatize.

Oh one more thing, what time did you take your bloods? If you took it late, go retake as early in the day as you can. Get plenty of rest too. This should help get a more accurate read, if you didn’t already.

That’s what the doc said. I’ll be testing at 9 am (open) as opposed to noon this time. That may give a more accurate reading; but, the more I read into low T, the more fitting my symptoms seem over aging and other medical conditions (I’m 29).

T-CHO 199 (140-219)
TG 202 (30-149)
HDL 47 (40-99)
LDL 130 (60-139)
T-Bil 0.5 (0.2-1.2)
LDH 233 (106-211)
AST 26 (<=35)
ALT 20 (<=35)
ALP 285 (104-338)
y-GTP 20 (<=55)
TSH 2.92 (0.5-5)
LH 2.91
FSH 1.76
E2 <5
TESTOSTERONE 0.93 (1.31-8.71)

There are no results for free test on here…


Do you have your LH and FSH levels from 4 years ago? If they were lower than they are now, could be primary gonadal failure. Reason I say that is because they seem in range, but not compared to your test levels. I’d get retested, and if test is still low you might want to see a doctor or consider TRT. I have a feeling something besides hypogonadism is going on though. Again, I’d really see what the doc says. I’m no expert, just recalling things I have read, so take it with a grain of salt. As for your cycle, if you really just have low test forever, I feel like there’s nothing wrong with doing a cycle. However, if something is screwed up, maybe it would mess with it more. Again, take what I say with a grain of salt.

Thanks for the food for thought. Unfortunately, I don’t have those results to compare as I only requested test to be tested at that time. I’ll be re-examining in approximately 2 months, but unsure if I should do this cycle and get back to normal or not first.

You’e 29, still invincible man, I’d do it personally. What do you have to lose? :slight_smile:

That’s what I figured anyway. If I’m that low naturally, really, what can possibly be the harm in it?

I was more concerned with my HDL being at the peak than anything. But, I mostly attribute that to dirty bulking with high fats from time to time. Eating cleaner up till the point that my Nolva comes - as I prefer to have that safely on hand in case my cycle ends sooner than later - and waiting on a proper AI answer before beginning.

“Again similar to OT, Halodrol produces zero aromatization, so you can expect to be free from estrogenic side effects”

well, if you’re hoping to improve your cholesterol profile before you cycle, then that might take a while…

aside from fish oil and liver supps (TUDCA, milk thistle), i don’t think there’s a lot you can do to rapidly improve borderline cholesterol issues.

your liver values look good, so if you want to try the cycle, then you should be good.

however, if your doc wants to investigate putting you on TRT, then you are prolly better off doing that now, and you can add in the Halo later as a “blast”… Halo is a pretty solid compound, and i’ve never heard of anybody having estrogen issues while on it. however, you do need to watch your liver values.