I am currently using salad dressing in my diet called Walden Farms that claims to hvae 0 cals and 0 carbs. The ingredients vary according to flavor but seem consistent with 0 cals such as are: water, vinegar,mustard, pepper,salt,natural flavor etc. Just wondering if i should be skeptical about the 0 cals? The "natural flavoring also concerns me as that can be anything!

the no calorie salad dressing does not actually have 0 calories but contains less then 5 calories per serving

If you look carefully at the ingredients, there are definitely some calories (the hot bacon dressing contains bacon bits, which are not calorie-free). I believe that the calories need to be under 5 per serving.

Come on man. Get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, a mix package and a bottle to make italian dressing. You can have different flavoring as long as you have extra virgin olive oil. I would be careful with the nonfat type of food. Generally, they suck and are loaded with ingredients you never heard off just to make it taste good.