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Re-Learning to Walk

So have been 10 weeks on crutches non weight bearing.
I am doing my physio (PT) and walk fine with a cane or my fingers on the treadmill rail. But take the point of contact away and I can’t walk more then a few steps.

Any drill to help learning to walk again.

Just take your time man. Frustrating but it will come.

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I’ll say first that this shit is supposed to be your physio’s job. They should be your first call if there are any issues not some forum that has no clue to as to your medical history and current status.

You should be following their instructions and adhering to any exercise prescription or movement restrictions given to you.

Whatever they say goes and overrides stuff you may get on this forum or elsewhere on the internet.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s give this a shot.

What seems to be the main problem/s?

Balance? Tripping?
Speed? Awkward cadence?
Legs giving way/weakness?
Something else or a combination of the above?

Different problems. Different solutions.

In the end tho you just probably have to work at it one step at a time… pun lel. Even if you go from walking one step awkwardly to walking one step better that’s gains. Keep improving everyday and however long it takes you’ll be back to full mobility.

I am asking because my physio is stump. He is consulting with other.
I can walk back ward, do the toe drag or toe to heel tap walk. Just can’t walk normally.
I have very little discomfort but I think I lost the arch in my foot but can do those drill to fix that too.
I get awkward steps (short and irregular cadence) I expect slow and I walk much better if I carry some light weight (20lb db) in my hands too

What’s the issue? Accident, fall, what happened to start this? Or was it a spontaneous thing where you suddenly couldn’t walk?

I broke my knee (tibias part, sprain the ankle too) getting run over by 1200lb horse. I had surgery plate and screws and 10 weeks or no weight bearing but ROM exercises were done

Ok… um what I was asking was what happens after or during the first few few steps that prevent’s you from walking further and if you can identify what’s contributing from the list or something else that’d point us in the right direction.

If you got nothing maybe a video would serve the same purpose.

I think strongmangoals has a point, just gonna take time - that’s a pretty gnarly event to come back from. As far as the difference in walking between 2 and 3 POC, 3 points is obviously more stable than 2. Could be your body learning how to stabilize itself again, could be an unconscious fear of falling that you don’t even recognize. Could also be you have more neurological damage than previously thought, and the nerves are still learning to fire properly.

All of those are guesses based on my (fairly limited) understanding of the human body - I am in no way a medical professional.

I just relearned how to walk from my surgeries (five on my right foot). It was rough, but I pushed it a little harder than my PT would have liked. Within 6 months of the five surgeries (all at the same time), I was able to run 6 miles at a 20 minute mile pace. That doesn’t sound so great, but it was amazing considering that I couldn’t walk at all six months prior.

It will take time, keep up on your exercises and rest. Just set small goals, with the assistance of your PT, and strive to reach those goals.