Re-Learning the Olympic Lifts

It’s crunch time. I’m moving next saturday, to a place with a decent garage, in which I’ll be building my own platform. I’ve already purchased all of the equipment I need, minus the squat rack (still deciding), so I’m getting anxious. The problem is what routine to follow. I haven’t done the o-lifts since Iwas 19 (now 32), and have been following a powerlifting/bodybuilding schedule since then. It’s always been a dream of mine to enter a weightlifting competition, so I’m determined to relearn the technique In once had and get on form to realize this dream. I just don’t know what to do in terms of volume/intensity.

Added to this is the fact that I will have the two weeks following the move off from work, so I’m a bit scared that I’ll try too much too soon. I was thinking of the five-day beginner program outlined on vikingheavyathletics, but the daily volume will, I’m sure, leave me wanting more with the entire day ahead of me. Would it be too much if I added a session (or two) with an empty bar/broomstick? Any sugestions would be welcome, I feel a bit foolish because I’ve been training for a long time, but just now get to begin training the way I’ve always wanted too. Thank you for any input.

I would just snatch/clean and jerk everyday with a stick/bar until your form is perfect, and squat after the lifts.


Snatch (with stick/bar) and start adding weight until form starts to break down
C&J same
Squat, follow any setxrep scheme you like, I like working up to a heavu single/double and then dropping some weigh and add a few sets to get more volume.

If you are re-beggining you might already know wich your weaknesses are so you can add pulls, push-presses, curlz or whatever you want :slight_smile:

I’m hoping my clean form comes back quick, as i’ll be limited to front squats until Ican decide upon what squat rack to get. my weakness was always balance in the jerk and overhead squat, but that was many years ago, and those are two lifts that i have included in my training on occasion. i guess i have to discover new weaknesses… i’m sure there will be plenty.