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Re-Learn Hip Hinge after Anterior Pelvic Tilt Rehab?

I hurt my lumbar spine 4 months ago, what I believe to be a bulging disc but have no proof (doc refused to order mri). I was diagnosed by physical therapy a little over 2 months ago as having a severe case of anterior pelvic tilt which either caused or contributed to my low back pain.

Now my APT is mostly fixed. Pelvis naturally sits in a more neutral position and I can consciously put it exactly where it needs to be. I’m working on keeping a neutral pelvis in all bodily movement patterns… walking, sitting, standing, squats, lying, etc. I’m having trouble with the hip hinge. I tried using deadlifts because I can put myself in a good position before initiating the pull but even with submaximal weights, it flares up my back pain for 3-4 days. My form was good according to my physical therapist. I think I need to relearn the hip hinge before attempting deadlifts again. What exercises do this? A problem I have is that I can’t seem to differentiate a hip hinge from lumbar hyperextension. I sink my hips back and the first thing that happens is my lumbar spine has am exaggerated curve. Bracing my core foes help, but not by much.

I would try doing Glute bridges with a 5 second hold at the top, focusing on the glutes and hips.