RE: Last Minute LockOut Suggestions

I trained w/ my shirt for the 1st time today (meet is on Dec 15th) and my lockout (ie tri strenghth) stinks! Any last minute suggestions? I blew 425 off my chest like 225 but when at about 3/4 lockout it was like i hit a wall. I know the problem -which is that most of the year I train like a body builder and this is the result of too many pushdowns etc and neglecting close grip, dips, dynamic presses. Anyway I hit lockouts and close-grips hard after todays debacle and am gonna try to get 3-4 more heavy sessions in b4 the meet. Any other suggestions on how to help my pitiful lockout strength in this short time? (i know i need to get faster too!)

Try using a 5 board press for triples working up until you can’t do triples any more, then practice in your shirt. 3-4 more heavy workouts are probably too many with only three weeks left before your meet. Even if you’re using “supplements” over-training is very likely.

Is this a bench only meet? What type of bench shirt are you using?

dph has just given you excelent advice…big martin

you can cram for a test but you cant cram on the farm.

Not a training fix, but a psychological one. As you approach the lockout think about “snapping” the elbows together.
As far as training, don’t increase the volume or intensity of assistance or maximal strength lifts beyond normal as you get closer to a meet.
Instead, increase and/or change your speed work. Try using a slightly higher or lower percentage of max. Or other methods of training speed.

Thnaks for all the help. Its a bench and deadlift meet -only they are separate ,not for total. If it was for total I would be much better off. But typically most lifters pak up for the day as soon as the bench is over. Are lockouts in the rack as good as board presses? With my weak ass tris i hit the wall as soon as I take over from the shirt. Im thinking a speed session on friday, following week: 1 heavy 1 speed, and finally a medium session on monday b4 the meet.

I am using a Inzer EHPHD shirt.

the board presses will work better than the lock outs as they are a transfer exerscice…big martin

Well, it may be too late to make any significant progress for this meet. After the meet is over, I would recommend that you start doing alot of 4 and 5 board presses to overcome your weak point. Pin presses are ok but not as good as the boards. Good luck at your meet.

How much do you get out of the ehphd? is it a single ply or double ply?

better yet, could you let me know your board press numbers and other max effort numbers, if you dont mind.

I’m not terribly experienced in this sort of thing but it would seem to me the new shirt is probably pulling your arms away from your body and, consequently, out of your groove. Like was already mentioned, I’d practice alot more in the shirt.

But then again, I could be wrong…

Goldberg I usually get 30-40 lbs out of the shirt. And i havent done board presses b4.

It is single ply.

Before my last meet I got sick about 3 weeks out. Lost more than 10#'s in 2 days. Hurt everything but my pull. My lockout vanished. 30#'s off my 4 board. I have thought alot about this and asked some elite lifters around me, too. Everybody pretty much said suck it up, nothing to do that close. In spite of this, the thought that comes to mind is that every other day, 3 sets of 20 band pushdowns, may have been beneficial going into the meet. (If you don’t have bands, just do regular.) Right up to 2 days before the meet. The reason being is little chance of overtraining doing this, and a great way to keep the area nourished with some hypertrophy response. The trouble with compound exercises is they are more difficult to recover from. I think the fact that you haven’t had the shirt on enough is probably the biggest contributor. Have you worn an Inzer before? In terms of learning the shirt, I would recommend 3X2’s with weight just heavy enough to touch. Try to work in 3 sessions. You are gonna have to really try to “feel” these reps and memorize the groove of the shirt. Do NOT let yourself fail, in fact, avoid straining. Since you are not doing a full meet, recovery is a little bit less of an issue. As long as you are finished 4 days out, you should be OK. Assuming you are not dieting much, and can get adequate sleep. I have used an EH and know that there is typically not very good follow through in the shirt. Meaning good rebound off the chest but fades rapidly as you come up. BTW, how far from the elbow are you setting the sleeves? This can effect follow through significantly. I have found that the sleeves need to start as close to the elbows as possible. Obviously, you need to seat the shirt so this will be the limiter. Allow NO wrinkles in the sleeves. Monday or Tuesday before, if you need to, work up to your opener like you will on meet day and then hang it up. Good Luck! Post back with results!

My lack of practice with shirt is definitely a factor as I felt like i was really out of the groove! That the deal when you only do a meet or two a year! Goldberg I usually get 30+ lbs out of the shirt.

After 3 weeks fo lockouts and heavy closegrips I had no trouble iwth the lockout today. I went 3x3 in the bench at 405,415, 430 and i feltlike i had 10-20 more lbs. In the deadlift i ended up with 600, 625, and pulled 655 to the top before my grip slipped and i dropped the bar which took a nice piece of my hand with it.