Re: Karma

I’m still not convinced of the gender of this Karma character. I think a full frontal nudity shot is in order just so we can know from whom we are getting advice.

LOL! If and (more likely) when I am in the shape I want to be, I have no issues with full frontal or any other angle of nudity. I am not there yet, but making progress. Since my goal is to be all that in a thong by next May (got 14 days on the Mayan Riviera awaiting me) it shouldn’t be too long a wait…

Karma… you got guts. AND you’ve managed to stir up quite some controversy.

That’s pretty cool.

Great pic by the way!

How about a before and then after shot…just so your hard work can be fully appreciated!!

Thank goodness we have a lady, along with the other ladies, who are willing to be frank with the boys. It is a refreshing change of pace. Keep up the good work.