I joined up in 2005 and made my intro but “lost my way” so to speak. I inflated to over 200 lbs due to having moved to MS shortly after (read: 2 weeks) Katrina (thanks to the Air Force) and the lack of adequate work out equipment. I never truly made it back to the gym like I needed to. Fast forward 3 yrs and I get stationed out here in Guam in Dec '08 … weighed in at over 220 (mostly lard) and taped out at nearly a 39" waist this past May and realized that I was in dire need of an overhaul.

I started dieting, switched to drinking only water and began the baby steps of weight loss so that it’d be permanent. I got referred to a product known as OxyElite Pro by a guy at the gym here and soon after I had lost 40 lbs in 2 months. I’m now down to 168ish and a hair short of a 31" waist and I’m going to start from scratch on lifting.

I’ve been doing some reading of the articles for the past few days and want some honest input as to where I should start. I have a firm understanding of weight lifting and what-not, but should I start with a beginner program or “intermediate” program? Thanks in advance for reading and any input you have.

bodybuilding bible link…read through this :slight_smile: