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Re-introduction: Wise-Guys Wanted


Holding to the iron still its the only thing that matters in my life at the moment. Training status: well its a pathetic work in progress, a work in progress none the less.

I am financially stuck so stuck that every now and then I have to steal. Weightlifting is giving me a lot of pride and drive to push out of adversity! (Fantastic Article Atomic Dog)

My fitness goal is working toward a bigger, slightly bulkier highly operating physique. A physique that could feel confident in a room full of bikers, militia, cops, criminals. A physique that would say something for itself that I am strong, ready and able to protect myself and my friends. Nothing over the top--A solid, steady build that garners respect, to start out with.

My biggest inability at the moment is my financial position. I spend a lot of time stuck beause of the economic crisis trying to figure out what I am going to do to eat proper, financially I am poverty class and to give you an idea of what ill probally be

eating: Tuna, sardines, beans, potatoes, bacon, cheese, bread, milk, peanut butter, granola bars, chicken when I can afford it.

Right now I am working on finding a job so I can support my training. A job that would encourage training like moving boxes or washing dishes, something simple.

Today at 4:00 I am getting a program outline.

I weigh approximatley 155 pounds and I am around 5'11 or 5'12 standing straight.

Through training I would ideally like to accomplish an hyper acute clarity, full body awareness of my anatomy. I would like to understand my anatomy. As my highest goal I would like to evolve my sense of self to higher and higher levels, attract very hot females and be able to keep them around by being a solid guy.

I am flimsy, pretty much undisciplined, Twenty years old and like the Henry Rollins article, The Iron.

Push me around :wink:


Sorry to piss on your parade but your post can be distilled to:

"I am a skinny bastard and I cannot be bothered to use the search function to find a program that fits my goals"


You can't build anything great being flimsy and undisciplined. Gaining muscle takes work, sacrifice, and commitment to discipline. Pretty much the opposite of what you admit to having. Cowboy the fuck up son.

Go read the stickied posts at the top of this forum. They link to articles.

At your height, you'll have to get to at least 200 lbs lean to start to look decent. Get to it.


Those are staples for most aspiring bodybuilders I know (including myself), regardless of financial status. The only thing I might add to the list is olive oil.


We call that 6'0" in the lower 48 brother get aboard or we'll invaid Canada.


6'0 riverhawk23 and the invasion is already bieng planned we all know you Americans want our fresh water, probally wont even need to invaid our "President" is a real conservative piggy.

Aint so scrawny

Inviting room for improvement,
I am getting slightly confident,
I have this a wiser older big dog at the YMCA gym "A Negro" he is the man he must be in his early 80 he has been training before I was born he has outlined me a full body routine to be acted upon immediatley 3 times a week.

I mess around with a basketball on the days I have off or run, I do something.Weightlifting is pretty much the only thing I have on my mind at present. I dont have shit all in any other regard. No hot girls, no money, no car and I dont like most people...


My chest is getting stiff but I have these pointy ass titties that I keep on pinching the only re-assuring fact is that I still wake up in the morning with a hard on.

Point me out to any threads or articles by Atomic Dog that you suggest I check out. I like Atomic Dog.

Honestly I really just cant wait till I am Dogg enough to plow my HOG into a few hot chicks.

On a wider scale I am reading through this book called The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. That is also keeping me engaged in self education.

Thats about it,

Vibing on some Cormega - The Saga


Just keep at it man dont get discouraged. And remember is a marathon not a sprint.


Thank you riverhawk23

I get the idea you do what you have to do by yourself and thats about it. Stand up straight and stick to the program outline, just do it. Ugh

The man who wrote my program told me not to get too excited.

The man who wrote my program told me not to get too excited.

The man who wrote my program told me not to get too excited.


Wow, that was just way over the top.


The 'A Negro' part made me spit up some water.

But obvious troll is obvious.

Yet amusing.


A literary great though.