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RE: HOTROX on Vacation

I am leaving this weekend for a week long meeting- which will entail eating whatever kind of bad food that is provided and lots of drinks at night. I am currently dieting and on a course of HotRox. I dont expect to be able to train during this next week. So the question is should i continue supplementing with the HotRox, Lacarnitine, etc. for this week or will it just be a waste since the diet and training will be terrible?

Hot-rox will serve as a damage limitation tool in a way, (but a expensive one, not to be wasted). But have some disciplin, if you think out your week carefully no damage need be done.

Take some protein and flax, maybe some bars and a protein shaker. Just make wise food choices in restaurants (leave the carbs), more veg.

You can always do body weight work in your hotel (pushups etc) with regard to gym

Dont let weeks of work be destroyed. Hope this helps

Gabe, I agree with oneandonly. There’s no reason to go crazy, especially with the drinks. Make good food choices, skip the bread and dessert. Take some jerky, nuts and protein powder so that you can get all your meals in and aren’t famished when you finally do sit down to eat (which will result in your going crazy and eating way too much).

You can always get some AM cardio in if you take your HR monitor. HIIT doesn’t require much more than a pair of running shoes, shorts and a T-Shirt.

If you’re looking for a blowout, forget the Hot Rox. If you’re trying to minimize damage and trying to maintain some semblance of a normal routine, Hot Rox will help.

There wont be much chance of maintaining a normal balance- either training or diet so i guess i can either start fresh the week after or continue the HotRox and hope it helps minimize the damage. BTW- TT you are always so damn helpful!!!

The hekk you can’t go crazy with the drinks (10-12 - 1000 calories, not 30). Just make sure you’re drinking light beers or other drinks with low carb content.

Also, you must lower your food intake, but keep protein at at least 1 gram per lb of bodyweight.

Interestingly, alcohol doesn’t elicit a glycemic response. It will not cause an insulin spike or promote fat storage. Just remember, your body can’t metabolize other macronutrients until the alcohol has been metabolized. Therefore, keep total calories at maintenance levels and you’ll be fine.

I hope this helps. I sure as hell have used it alot.