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Re: Health Freedom Alert

It has been a while since I have last posted, as most of the posts that I’ve read lately have not sparked a tremendous emotional reaction. This is different, and I have a proposition that is do-able, and should elicit a decent effect if we can band together on this.

[Note: I am making this a separate post so as not to hijack the initial thread.]

All we need is a little bit of money (can be done), a few guys that are good with programming (I know they are here), some dedication (hello–we’re T-Men), and a lot of voices. We should start an independent website whose sole purpose is to combat the ridiculous allegations and attempts to red-tape the supplement market. We don’t need anything as sophisticated as T-Nation–it wouldn’t be affordable. We just need a solid web site that serves as a voice for those that wish to combat this epidemic ignorance. Sure, letters to your state reps are good, but a collaborative effort with a unified voice would be more effective. I say we start this as an online petition. First, we get T-Men and T-Women onboard. Then, we can recruit from MFW, other supplement websites, and other online forums. Hell, I know I could recruit 100 people in my sleep, and those are just people that I know in real life. Then, we’ll just need a few donations to keep this thing rolling.

If anyone is else thinks this is a good idea, and if we can generate a solid foundation for this, I’ll pledge the first $50.

(Not going quietly into the night since 1981.)

im all for it. Come on everybody! Get on board and lets stop this fucking thing

First, I think that a real threat has to be established.

I think you have a great idea. But, like what was said in the original thread(by the way, I don’t think this would have been considered a hijack), let’s try to find some more reliable information about this. The material I was able to dig up so far has said nothing about the WTO, and has not proved that article to be 100% true.

I do think we should pool our efforts, but do so in order to find out the truth.

Just for reference, the other thread is here: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=560696

[quote]smallnomore wrote:
First, I think that a real threat has to be established.[/quote]

I, for one, think that the banning of phenylpropanolamine, ephedrine, and androstene products was a significant threat, if not an infraction in itself. How about having to put my personal information on file at the drug store if I want to buy more than one package of Sudafed? What about the restrictions put on kava-containing products? All of this was in the last five years.

Honestly, what was mentioned in the original “Health Freedom Alert” post did not really alarm me; rather, it reminded me of the disdain I feel knowing that any product that carries the tag “Dietary Supplement” and has ever been remotely linked to a person getting hurt is in danger. I think we are putting our heads in the sand if we don’t see this. If the whole purpose was just to fight the next bill that is being put on the table, then we have already lost. We currently have to fight the bills that are going to be passed next year–the ones that haven’t even been written yet, about supplements that haven’t even been released, perhaps. What would you say if you got your nice, shiny box of Carbolin-19, took it for a week, and had gains like you had never experienced? Then, how would you feel if a red-taping politician from Lower-East Podunkville heard about the “steroid-like” gains associated with this product and promptly crafted the FBTVA (Fuck Biotest in Their Virgin Asses) Bill 8017 to promptly ban this “dangerous, steroid-like” product? Pure speculation, but you get the idea.

I don’t think everything is going to get yanked from the market as of August of this year. I think creatine will be next for the hit, then concentrated caffeine supplements. Eventually, perhaps, we won’t be able to purchase Grow!, ZMA, or multivitamins, but I think that day is distant (but maybe not). Hopefully, if we all can band together before another stride is taken toward complete eradication of the supplement industry, the battle will be a lot easier.

Those are just my two grams…