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Remember, Halabja=Kurds gassing
Discussion with:
Stephen Pelletiere = former senior CIA political analyst on Iraq. Pelletiere was privy to much of the classified material having to do with the Persian Gulf and he headed a investigation in 1991 into how the Iraqis would fight a war against the United States. The classified version of the report went into great detail on the Halabja affair.
John Stauber = co-author of the new book Weapons of Mass Deception. He is the founder and executive director of the Center for Media & Democracy which publishes the news magazine PR Watch.

“After the Halabja gassing President Bush I and Sen. Bob Dole fought sanctions against Iraq even though the gassing killed thousands and was reportedly carried out in part by U.S.-made helicopters. From 1989 to 1990 the gassing was mentioned about once a month in major press outlets, yet in the three weeks leading up to the 2003 invasion, the press mentioned it 150 times. In 15 years the gassing went from an untold story to a pretext for invasion.” [Includes transcript]

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Back on topic, something more for the good US of A to be proud off. As a side note, civilian casualties resultant from your illegal occupation of Iraq might reach nine thousand.

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The gas was supplied to Iraq by US companies. If we don’t want dictators to use WMD, we should stop cozying up to them, and arming them.

Do we think it’s okay to sell him the shit, and then expect him not to use it???

Also, they have inflated the numbers over the years, from a couple of dozen Kurds killed at the time it happened, to thousands now. The Kurds weren’t even the targets, from what I understand, it was Iranian soldiers who had invaded who were the target. No excuses, it was a shitty situation, but like I said, we (the USA) armed Saddam to fight against Iran.

We can’t switch sides to a different dictator every ten years, and expect that to be a responsible foriegn policy.

Regarding aliases, I am certain that US=GG is an alias that someone uses to push his extremist rhetoric.

who fucking cares anymore. You want the US to admit they were wrong? Well tough shit. They aren’t going to. Face it. Blair just said he would’ve done the same thing too. Get over it and let’s deal with the aftermath now.

You consider US=GG extremist? :slight_smile:

Lumpy: DemocracyNow! is pretty good eh? Look back through the shows from the last few weeks & see what you can find on Arnold S, Ariana Huffington & the California recall. There’s an interview with Greg Palast & a pro-electricity-degregulation guy & a discussion with Palast about who’s going to profit from the Iraq aggression. Just browse or search (“Greg Palast”) for that stuff, it doesn’t take much & it’s well worth the trouble.