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Re-feed/Cheat Meal on a Low Carb Diet (80 to 110 Grams/Day)

Hello there,

I just finished to read the article about the cheat meal manifesto

I’m 27 girl, 136 lbs for 5"44 i’m on low carb diet around 80 to 110 grams per day (without counting veggies) since few months now and 1550 kcals; I’m not losing weight anymore but I guess I start to look like a little bit lean especially on my belly

Is that seems fine if I eat this today for re-feed my metabolism (following the article)

1 cups cooked rice
2 large sweet potatoes
1 cooked chicken breast
1 cup broccoli
1 piece of fruit

Should I grow my kcal for this re-feed day ? 200 kcal more than my daily kcal seems right ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Up anyone for some help ?

Did I had just to eat these stuff on my daily calories ?

What did you weigh a few months ago when you started?

How lean are you right now, do you have defined abs/arms or do you still have stomach rolls and pudge?

What does your training look like? Weight training? Cardio?

Understand that it’s okay if you don’t “lose weight” as long as you’re looking more lean. That can be ideal in some situations, and often means you’re building muscle as you burn fat. It’s the difference between “fat loss” and “weight loss”. Fat loss means you’re getting more defined and losing body fat. Weight loss simply means the number on the scale is going down.

This is also why it helps to take progress pics and measurements, so you can still track progress when the scale stops moving as much.

Yep, you’d add those foods on top of your “regular” day’s diet.

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Alright thanks again for your time give me a complete answer !

I hope you can read my reply i’m not using quotes in the good way

up anyone for give me a reply thanks guys !

Check out this article: “Love the process, screw the scale.

That weight training plan isn’t too bad, but only lifting two days a week with some walking isn’t as good a routine as can be. Consider almost any of the full workouts here.

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Thanks for your reply !!

Thanks for the article I didn’t see it before !

I don’t really understand these articles you think I should change it my routine or adding more workout ? or small exercices ?

These 2 full body workout took me about 1 hours and half to did it that’s too damn long this is why I only did 2 full body session per week. If i’m adding one more I don’t have time for me anymore (I know is not a good way to think like that).

But considering I did my workout at my home gym i’m probably stuck on half of exercice you purpose me.

Sorry i’m not a native English speaker as you can probably notice it haha

I should probably add some HIIT session for losing weight ?

up anyone :slight_smile:

Ok so you are on a calorie deficit, workout twice a week and you have stalled losing weight. I’m so not the person for this…



You are consuming 1550 cals/d at a BW of 136#. That works out to 11.4 cals/lb/d. The average woman who exercises moderately (that’s you) needs about 12 cals/lb/d to maintain her bodyweight. Thus, you are currently running a deficit of 0.6x136 = about 80 cals/d. At that rate, I would expect you to lose 3500 cals/80 cals = 1 lb every 44 days or so. Based on the info provided, this is consistent with what you’re experiencing.

The point is, you are running, at best, only a slight caloric deficit, and your very slow weight loss is reflecting that. Thus, the fact that you have lost only a modest amount of weight and are ‘stuck’ is in actuality entirely consistent with your current diet/exercise regimen. This is especially true considering you may have experienced a little metabolic slowdown due to the dieting (Ie, your maintenance intake may have fallen below 12 cals/lb/d).


Thanks for your reply both to you ! @Irishman92 and @EyeDentist

Soo yeah after reading the article i’m on 1510 calories daily for my maintain weight.

If I understand very well I had to subtract 500 calories to my daily routine for losing 1lb to 2lb per week. Is that not too much ? I read few times women don’t have to go down under 1200 calories per day. True of not ?

you have to learn to think critically about blanket statements like this when you hear them.

Think of it like this: Would that rule apply equally to a woman who weighed 300lbs and another who weighed 100lbs?

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Thanks for the reply @Yogi1

Alright so you think I can get down on 1200/1300 calories per day ?

Despite the fact i’m not eating carbs except during workout day i’m eating lentils for having my protein high or should I probably focused on eating only meat, eggs, fish and whey isolate for having my 150 grams of protein ?

Did I mentionned i’m not counting my veggies on my macros, it’s probably doesn’t help to lose my last pound. I’m eating most of the time brocoli, tomato, salad, onions, spinach, zucchini, cucumber

Everything counts. If I have a cup of broccoli it gets counted. If I have 12 asparagus spears they get counted. I count the 3 tablespoons of sugar free creamer in my coffee. It’s not much, but over time all of these little things add up…and it’s the calorie balance over time that will make or break your progress.

Of course we never really can be exact because of label misinformation or own laziness here and there, but getting as close as you possibly can is so important for getting lean. It makes the difference between starting to see those muscles vs killing yourself with cardio because you don’t see progress.

By the way…go do 10 minutes of hill sprints + a 20 minute jog about three times weekly and report back at the end of summer with a picture of your new six pack (or four pack).

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Try this -similar to what you’re doing but the reps are flipped…

instead of skipping on the days off I would recommend 30-45 mins HIIT on cardio machine of your choice.

Keep the calories at 1500 on weights days to support heavy training

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How are you tracking your macros?

Is there a particular reason you decided to go low carb?

I would consider lowering you protein intake.

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@adrencg but considering i’m eating almost 1.5 lbs of veggies I had almost nothing to eat after remove my veggies on my macros haha.

Alright I will try to find a place with some hills near to Paris haha

@RampantBadger thanks I will check it out and try this. The problem is i’m training in my home gym I don’t use any cardio machine. The only thing I can do is go outside and use my bicycle

@vulpes i’m using MyFitnessPal. Yes with high carbs i’m the kind of people to take fat really fast. I’m only using carbs like Yam, rice, barley flakes after my workout and it’s never more than 120 grams per day including fruits.

Thanks to you for answering to my threat it’s highly appreciate thanks again !!

Yeah bike is fine: something like 1 min very fast/3 mins easy, for 45 mins

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Alright i’ll try this tomorrow thanks @RampantBadger

So you are eating around 120 grams of carbs but, do not count the 1.5 lbs of veggies? That could be an extra couple hundred calories depending on the type.

I would set you calorie counter to track net carbs and add the veggies you eat.

I would keep the calories at 1500 and track all your food. I like to start women at Bodyweight x 14 for maintenance. 136x14= 1904-500= 1500 calories

1500 calories
100 g protein
66 g fat
125 g carbs

If possible I would add another weight training session instead of the HIIT training.

If you want to save time you can make the 3rd session a circuit and if you want to focus on certain areas of the body you can do.

Mon:Upper Body

Wed: Lower Body

Fri: Full body circuit it should only take about 30 min.

Keep reps higher. 8-12 reps you may try going 15 reps on the circuit day. Women are better suited to higher reps as they have better endurance and can handle more volume. They are not as efficient when going low reps and working closer to their 1 rep maxes.

I would not do HIIT training and only do cardio 2x a week a 30min walk or bike ride would be enough.

Studies have shown that women are better adapted to steady state cardio. HIIT training offers no real benefit aside from saving time and in can interfere with recovery especially since you are going lower carb.

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