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Re-Doing Bulgarian Training Simplified


Hi coach, I have been doing BTS and loving it. The freq/volume seems to be ideal for me strengthwise. I have a few questions about repeating the 12 week cycle if you have time.

  1. Can it be used repeatedly, or do you recommend and alternate plan(hypertrophy) for a while before repeating? and what do you recommend?

2.Would adding another lift e.g high pull, using same volume be too much?

  1. What are your thoughts on replacing bench press with military press?, and what alt. versions would you add in e.g BTN, concentric pause?

Thank you coach


any feedback coach would be much appreciated



two questions for you :stuck_out_tongue:
1.) how much of a “drop” do you have experienced on your competition day during the weeks?
Example of what I mean:
Before you started the program your 3 RM on the squat were 100lbs.
On your completion squat day every week (trainingsday 5) how much did you squat there?
2.) Should I try to push my" ramp "days aggressively( day 1 and day 5 ) or should I stay more conservative?

Anyone who has done the program or know the answer, feel free to answer :slight_smile:


Hi Aki,
1)I actually found that from about week 1 to week 9 my “comp maxes” were improving each week, and I hit lifetime PR’s on the squat & deadlift, bench improved as well but I am coming back from a niggling shoulder injury. The last couple of weeks have been tough, earlier the weights flew up but now I am grinding a bit, and struggling to get near maxes I hit a cycle ago. Probably a combination of things, I got the flu and for 2-3 weeks I had to train 5 days straight without the Wednesday rest day, which made it tough recovery wise. I found that on sumo dead cycle, my deadlift stalled(I pull conventional) but my squat still improved, more hip strength I presume.

  1. When ramping I just tried to beat the previous cycles max on “comp days”, on the other cycles I was a bit more conservative to start as I hadn’t trained some of the lifts seriously before eg Zercher squat, Floating deadlift, but was a bit more aggressive with the 2, 1 rep ramps once I had practiced a bit.

I have really enjoyed this programme, the frequency seemed to suit me and I will probably repeat again after 2-3 weeks of lighter training. I may take a deload week after week 6 next time to be fresher for last 2 cycles, depending on how I feel and got to have that middle week rest day as well.

Overall awesome programme,
hope that helps.



Thanks for taking the time and aswering me ! :slight_smile: Lets start on sunday trainingsweek 2 :stuck_out_tongue: i really like the frequency of this program!


Hi CT, I have read your previous reccomendations about taking 2-3 weeks between routines like BTS, and I am thinking of doing something completely opposite for that time.

I thought Vince Girondas 8 x 8 looks interesting after re-reading your “22 proven rep schemes” article. What are your or anyone elses thoughts on this programme?

I was thinking push/pull/legs twice per week with 2-3 exercises for big muscle groups, 2 for smaller.

Any feedback much appreciated



Yes that will work for sure and is a good choice for “opposite” training. CT has published an article about his version of “opposite training”. I would add to your 8*8 many high rep isolation multi sets for different angles.

Article about 8*8:


thanks for the info mate I had forgot about those articles.