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RE: Deadlift Peaking Routine (4 weeks)


Can anyone recommend a good peaking routine for a meet 4 weeks away. Im thinking of entering a push+pull in about 4 weeks and havent been training deads. In the past I have done well at meets with a comparable amount of time to prepare. I dont deadlift year round. I start training when I see a local meet. I usually dlift 1-2 times per week working up to some singles usually something like 5,5,3,3,1,1. Ill start on Monday any suggestions.


D.Lifted for the 1st time in about a year last night, Started very slow 315X15, 405X5,495X5 just to get acclimated. Ill start for real next week. Any suggestion on how to prepare in 4 weeks. (last year i ended up w/655 with similar amount of prep time so im lookin to improve on that)


655 is a very good pull at any weight nice job....big martin


Thanks BM but Im lookin for some advice on how to best prepare over 4 weeks. Any ideas?


Gabe- i truly dont belive in peaking for any lift, i think if you specialize in the deadlift for 4 weeks it will actually set you back, i would probally pull every other week working on where your weak point is, rack pulls , deadlifts standing on 4 inch boxes, and reverse band deadlifts...big martin


Totally concur with Grandiose Martin. Dude, if your are pulling over 600, from a neuromuscular standpoint, you know how to pull. Paul Childress offers some awesome words of wisdom in his statement that you don't get much stronger 3 weeks out, but you can get weaker. I think less than a month out you need to train competition pulls for speed (50% focusing on doing it right every time.) Then grab 2 core accesory movements that you think make sense relative to your mini max and alternate them. (ex. GM's and zerchers.) Then train your usual follow-up movements. Take 5-7 days off and hit it hard. The biggest risk you incur is overtraining your CNS, IMHO. Good luck and let us know how you do!



Those numbers of yours are a bit disapointing. When I don't Deadlift for a year I always start out with around 500lbs. and work up to 600lbs. I take short jumps.

Hey, don't worry you will get there. Perhaps another year off from Deadlifting will help you out.

( Im smiling )