Re Days In Conjugate Routines

i;m not strong enough to see any benfits for DE training, so i was wondering how to set up a rep day in a conjugated routine.

I wanna set up a full body RE day, but i don’t know what %'ages, reps, exersises i should do, and how many etc. keeping in mind that , my goal is gaining str, could someone help me out?/


so would say 3-5 assistance exersises (ie RDLs, bulgarian squats, GMs) at 5-8 reps around 1rep shy of failure be a good rep day?

Yes. However, beginners CAN use the dynamic effort method as I did when I was a beginner. Use a novice cycle as outlined by Dave Tate.

[quote]Guttus Gumptuous wrote:
Yes. However, beginners CAN use the dynamic effort method as I did when I was a beginner. Use a novice cycle as outlined by Dave Tate.[/quote]

I echo this statement. I think beginners can get a lot out of the dynamic effort if the correct percentages are adhered to. Start out at around 60-65% of 1RM.

IMHO, all beginners need to know…

Maximum Effort
Dynamic Effort
Repetition method
a little SPP for athletes

well i do sprints 2-3x/week so i guess that would be kindof a DE day…

so this would be my RE day,

Bulgarian split squats
box squats
db flat bench
military press
tri pressdowns
bicep curs

3sets of5-8reps (one repshy of failure)

is this ok??

also i will do one ME upper and one ME lower with sprints on my ME days and cardio/tempos on my off days

I don’t know what level you are at, but usually RE work should be done in the 6-8 rep ranges.

I think with a good base, one could use 3-5 rep ranges in the supp work.

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Read westside for skinny bastards. I think you would be better served without speadd days. At the very minimum cut out speed work for the upper body. Hope this helps.


Pick one main lift that you have had great luck with building mass. Alot of people pick Incline presses or some kind of dumbell pressing movement. Then superset a few lifts that help build mass in the desired areas, for powerlifting I would suggest putting mass around the joints (shoulders, elbows, knees, waist). So you could do two supersets, one could be an overhead press with a tricep isolation, the other could be a chin-up variation with a bicep isolation. Repeat that a few times with other movements, and you’re set.


RE Steep incline dumbell presses:4x10
A1) Standing dumbbell military press:4x8
A2) Decline Skull Crusher:4x8
B1) Dips:4x8
B2) Dumbell flies:4x8
C1) Pull-up variation/lat pulldown:4x8
C2) Barbell Bicep Curl:4x8
D1) Cable row:3x12
D2) Hammer curls:3x12

Yeah it looks like alot of volume, but most of the weight is too light to hamper the CNS on your ME days. This method will hurt but it will build size.